• IT infrastructure procurement

Total Technology Value (TTV) is the name for the approach we use at Netsurit to make sure you receive the maximum return on investment from their technology infrastructure. Our engineers manage both off-the-shelf setups and custom buildouts for a wide range of clients in different industries. Netsurit infrastructure optimisations incorporate a deep understanding of client business goals to design an optimal solution for each environment.

Our team can manage your network remotely to control costs and save on-site visits for projects or issues that need hands-on attention. We also consistently look for new ways to make sure our clients take advantage of the latest technology options and maximise the IT investments in their business.

Hardware and software

Microsoft CSP direct

Customers are demanding that more and more of their IT solutions be deployed in the cloud. Industry analysts predict this trend will not only continue-but accelerate in the future. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables Netsurit to directly manage the entire lifecycle for their Microsoft cloud customers including billing and support.

We use dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support customer subscriptions. We have our own package tools, products and services, and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill, making it easier for the customer to transact with us. This model also offers monthly or yearly licensing models, making it simple to understand and focus on a pure consumption services model.

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