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Work with one of the leading Brooklyn cybersecurity companies for end-to-end protection for your IT environment.

Why work with Netsurit for cyber security services in Brooklyn?

  • Get peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring from one of the most experienced cyber security companies in Brooklyn.
  • Build in-depth security protection through insights from a partner with over 23 years of cyber security experience. 
  • Control your IT budget with personalized IT management services that fit your business needs.
  • Guarantee continuous uptime with dedicated disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.
  • Protect your business with state-of-the-art security services and evolving infosec methodologies.

Even a single data breach can be devastating for your business. Let our infosec specialists help you create ironclad protection across your IT infrastructure.

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Many companies across Brooklyn, NY and New York City offer security services, but few have the data to back up their claims.

As one of the most experienced cyber security firms in Brooklyn, we’ve spent over two decades refining our cybersecurity approach and developing new methodologies to protect our clients.


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Cyber Security Services in Brooklyn

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Why We’re a Leader Among Cybersecurity Companies in Brooklyn

Advanced Cyber Security in Brooklyn

Cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, and your secure technologies must evolve to keep pace.

Trust one of the leading cyber security firms in Brooklyn to manage your security infrastructure and keep you current with the latest strategies for cyber threat assessment and remediation.

Security Incident Investigation and Remediation

When security incidents occur, do you have the tools you need to perform a full audit of the issue and its underlying cause?

At Netsurit, all managed security services are handled by the Netsurit Security and Operations Centre that offers 24/7 monitoring and proactive remediation.

Cloud-Based Security Enhancement

As a direct Microsoft cloud solutions provider, we specialize in Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise and Mobility Suite (EMS), and Azure services.

These specializations allow us to go one step beyond other Brooklyn IT security companies and offer proactive maintenance and prevention.

Email Protection

For many companies, employees are one of the biggest potential security risks – and email is a common attack vector.

Our threat intelligence management team will help you secure this avenue through employee training, anti-phishing software, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Secure Connectivity

Without a properly secured network, data sent across your connections may be vulnerable to spying or theft.

At Netsurit, we manage these security risks with cybersecurity best practices, leading technologies, and multiple fail-safes that keep your data secure at all times.

Web and Content Filtering

Our web and content filtering services restrict access to untrustworthy, illicit, or dangerous sites that may compromise your business.

Trust one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Brooklyn to establish these controls and ensure that your end-users access only the sites they should.

Data Integrity and Theft Protection

Across firewalls, real-time network support, monitoring, end-user training, and more, we’ll show you the best way to manage your business security and keep your assets safe from attack.

Benefit from the expertise of security specialists at NSOC who will prepare customized data integrity plans for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Even a fully secured business network can be compromised by natural disasters, sophisticated attacks, or unexpected outages.

Let our security teams help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan supported by cloud-based backups and redundancies to give you an unmatched level of cyber security in Brooklyn.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity in Brooklyn for Your Entire IT Environment

A single gap or vulnerability can expose the entire system to risk. Get comprehensive security solutions and services for your business, including for:

  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • ‘Work from home’ teams

At Netsurit, we take a methodical approach to managed IT services and security that goes beyond what you’ll find from other cybersecurity companies in Brooklyn.

Keep your data secure with a leading Brooklyn cyber security company and IT support team that protects clients from 11,000+ security incidents every quarter.

Identify Threats Quickly With Real-Time Monitoring

Not all Brooklyn IT security companies offer the type of 24/7 monitoring and remediation that you need to stay protected.

NSOC is managed by a skilled security and IT helpdesk team that specializes in proactive maintenance and prevention.

Through real-time monitoring and rapid response, we’ll bring agility to your cybersecurity process and ensure that you’re always prepared for any cyber threats.

Ready to Get Proactive About Cybersecurity and Threat Remediation?

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Benefit From Fast Deployment of New Security Solutions

While other cyber security companies in Brooklyn may make you wait weeks – or months – for new solutions to go live, Netsurit offers fast deployments for all security solutions.

When you choose us for IT outsourcing, we’ll work with your in-house team to identify and implement the best solutions for your infrastructure, so you hit the ground running.

It’s this approach that has made us one of the leading Brooklyn cyber security firms, and we’ll work to bring those benefits to your organization.

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cyber security services in Brooklyn

Work with one of the most trusted Brooklyn cyber security firms to keep your data and applications safe.

For over 20 years, NetsurIT has led the pack among cybersecurity firms in Brooklyn. 

If you’re ready to take charge of your IT once and for all, fill out our contact form and talk to our IT consulting team.