Netsurit welcomes companies to join our team

Through our acquisition strategy, we welcome MSPs and IT services companies to join us in building and growing a world-class organization.

Driving value for your business, clients and staff

Joining forces with Netsurit, a leading professional and managed services provider with 26 years of sustained profitable growth and ranked among the top 100 MSPs in the world, delivers a wide range of benefits for your company, clients and employees.

Benefits for you

  • Significant immediate liquidity
  • Asset diversification / de-risk net worth
  • Netsurit provides a viable succession plan
  • Peace of mind knowing that your employees and clients will be well taken care of
  • Receive equity and partake in a unique opportunity to get “multiple bites of the apple” as Netsurit continues to expand and grow

Benefits for your employees

  • Smooth and seamless integration processes
  • Empowering culture where all have the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur within the organization
  • Extensive performance management and career development support
  • Wide range of training opportunities, learning and development resources
  • Proximity model that best supports gaining hands-on experience along with mentoring, coaching and career planning
  • Benefits and support to encourage a healthy work-life balance

Benefits for your company

  • Access to 300+ clients using our end-to-end services and 300+ Netsurit consultants at the forefront of industry trends and technology innovation
  • 26 years of proven operational principles and practices
  • Industry and technology expertise at the local level supported by global insights from our clients around the world
  • Be part of an award-winning culture that ‘supports the dreams of the doers’ at Netsurit, a statement upheld by both its employees and clients
  • Access to talent across 300+ individuals situated in various regions, some of which have a cost advantage.
  • Join Netsurit in our dedication to using state-of-the-art technologies to attain your most pressing objectives related to growth, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for your clients

  • For organizations battling the non-stop challenges of the modern workplace but lacking end-to-end IT expertise, Netsurit is an award-winning managed services provider that delivers remarkable results and world-class service that your customers will benefit from
  • Our unique Leveraged Services approach enables perpetual agility and innovation, resulting in phenomenal resilience, productivity and customer experiences that give clients the competitive edge
  • Industry, business and technology expertise combined with an end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions, providing full support for each client’s unique business needs
  • Local knowledge, empowerment and accountability through our client-proximity model
  • Long-term operational and financial stability

“The decision to become part of Netsurit was perfectly timed. I wanted to take my business (EVOKE) to the next level but was constantly battling the ability to scale. We were at a pivotal point in our growth and I decided it was time to accelerate opportunities by being part of a larger organization. During this acquisition journey, I became friends with Orrin and the key leadership at Netsurit. They clearly defined a plan for how my company would fit and augment the Netsurit offering. Innovation as a service was ideal for the vision I was trying to build at EVOKE. By being part of Netsurit I can realize these dreams. It is an exciting time in my career and I look forward to the future with Netsurit.”

“Real Time Consultants felt comfortable with Netsurit from the very beginning. Its executive team was genuine and forthcoming in our discussions about joining the Netsurit team. There was a culture match, and we saw it as a great opportunity to help grow our existing business and provide secure futures for our employees. We knew that joining Netsurit was going to give us the ability to grow and expand not only our capabilities but to offer our clients the skills and solutions that Netsurit provided. It has been a great year and a half since we were acquired in May of 2021, and we are looking forward to great things in the years to come.”

One big impact for me as the sales lead for NY was that we gained depth and breadth of sales expertise when we joined Netsurit. There is a focus on both cybersecurity and the capabilities of the Microsoft product stack that we didn’t have before, which puts us in a better position to identify and discuss solutions for mid-size businesses that we’re targeting. Related to that, we’ve gained a much better-developed marketing engine. Lead generation and prospecting is a top priority for the company and as a result, those of us in new business roles have a lot more to work with.

Overall we have a stronger sales approach, and our sales goals are well supported by the teams in NY and South Africa.

Our Acquisition Approach

Netsurit has achieved significant sustained profitable growth over the past 26 years. We have successfully completed three acquisitions since 2020 and are actively seeking to continue expanding our acquisitive growth strategy. We welcome the opportunity to meet with founders who would be interested in partnering with us to continue building our growth-oriented organization.

One of Netsurit’s core strengths is our ability to successfully integrate people, cultures and systems into a single, unified organization using shared best practices throughout the organization. We actively engage with both existing and newly acquired employees to personalize the people onboarding process to enhance the employee experience. We meticulously review and analyze operations, technology, processes and back-office systems and devise an integration plan and timeline that meets the objectives of all stakeholders.

A significant portion of our existing staff have joined Netsurit through prior acquisitions, attesting to our unique people-centered culture promoting and supporting the Dreams of the Doers, which is a motto deeply ingrained throughout our organization. We consistently strive to establish ourselves as a premier MSP platform, fostering growth and success on a daily basis through seamless collaboration among our existing and acquired teams.

To ensure a successful and seamless acquisition strategy, Netsurit carefully evaluates prospective acquisition targets against criteria that closely align with our strategic objectives.

Acquisition Criteria

  • MSPs with an SMB focus
  • 50 – 1,000 user environment
  • Microsoft focus
  • Minimum EBITDA margin of 15%
  • EBITDA: $500k – $2mm+
  • Minimum customer ARR of 60%
  • Geography: US

If this is you, we would love to connect and start a conversation.

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