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Terms of Service

Updated as of June 22, 2022

These Managed Services Terms of Service (“Managed Services Terms”) govern Client’s use of Netsurit’s Managed Services. By subscribing to or using Netsurit’s Managed Services, Client agrees to be bound by these Managed Service Terms, which are incorporated into the Netsurit Master Service Agreement between Client and Netsurit. Capitalized terms not defined in these Terms of Service have the meaning given to them in the Netsurit Master Service Agreement.


Service Subscription Required. The right to use this Service requires that Client is enrolled in a Service Subscription.

Service Plan. Each Service Subscription has its Service Plan defined by the applicable Order and its Schedule of Services. Managed Services Plan options include:

  • Managed Services
  • Managed Services (Remote Only)


Unlimited On-Demand Support. Client is eligible to receive unlimited on-demand unscheduled support via Netsurit’s telephone support.

Guaranteed Response Time. During Business Hours Netsurit will respond to support phone calls within 15 minutes for High Priority issues and will provide Remote Support within FOUR (4) hours of receipt of notification from Client.

Account Executive. Netsurit will provide Client with a dedicated Account Executive.

Client Portal. Client is provided with a Client Portal to create and track service tickets and projects, view IT assets, Services, Agreements, User list, and view and pay invoices.

Administration. Netsurit will administer Client System including user account and group management, device registration, access control, etc…

Real Time System Monitoring. Netsurit will provide monitoring services for Client System.

Maintenance and System Patching. Netsurit will provide Client with proactive maintenance and patching services for Client System.

Managed Anti-Virus. If Client subscribes to this service, Netsurit will provide Client with Anti-Virus and Malware protection for Client System.

Consulting and IT Planning. Netsurit will provide Client with consulting, new technology planning, life-cycle budgeting and solution engineering services.

Standards Alignment. Netsurit will perform regular Alignment reviews with key Client decision makers to confirm Client’s IT is aligned with business goals providing strategic roadmaps and business impact analysis.

Reporting. Netsurit will maintain a detailed log of the Client System. Records include system information, ticket history, user information, service information, etc… Information is available to Client via the Client Portal.

Perimeter Security. Netsurit will provide Client with perimeter security services and firewall management.

System Inventory. Netsurit will maintain detailed records of the Client System and where they are available to the Client through the Client Portal.

24/7 Support Options. Netsurit will NOT be reachable outside of Business Hours unless a 24/7 Emergency Support Option is specified in the referencing Order and Schedule of Services.

  • 24/7 Emergency Support (Remote Only). ONLY IN CASES OF SYSTEM OR NETWORK WIDE EMERGENCY, Netsurit will be available 24 X 7 for Remote Support. Any issues that cannot be resolved remotely will be scheduled for Onsite Support on the next business day.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support (Remote with Onsite). ONLY IN CASES OF SYSTEM OR NETWORK WIDE EMERGENCY, Netsurit will be available 24 X 7 for Remote Support. Any issues that cannot be resolved remotely, Netsurit will dispatch a technician for same day Onsite Support service. Client must provide Netsurit access to Client System.


If Client has selected Supplemental Services, then specifics are defined on the Supplemental Services Terms of Service.


Any authorized Client employee may make service requests using the following methods with the related degrees of priority.

Notification MethodContact InformationPriority Level
Telephone Support888-825-0370 x1High Priority
Email Supportsupport@netsurit.comLow Priority
Client Portalhttps://myportal.netsurit.comLow Priority
Telephone / Email Account ExecutiveInformation Provided at SigningPlanning / Escalation

Client will make Client System available to Netsurit via remote access at all times through the use of a secure connection, firewall and a dedicated high speed Internet connection which Client agrees to maintain at all times.


In consideration of Netsurit’s performance of Services pursuant to these Managed Services Terms, Client shall pay Netsurit the monthly rate as defined in the referencing Order. Any changes to the Client System will amount to an additional monthly fee. This amount is to be paid in monthly installments. The initial installment is payable upon the execution of this Agreement by both parties.

Additional service hours outside the scope of these Terms are billed at the Hourly Rate.

If Client has selected the Managed Services (Remote Only) option, all Onsite Support is billed at the Onsite Support Hourly Rate indicated on the referencing Order.

All software and hardware costs are the responsibility of Client.

Printer hardware failure repair is outside the scope of this Agreement. Netsurit will outsource printer hardware repairs to manufacturer or a third-party vendor. Service charges may apply.


“Onsite Support” means any assistance provided by Netsurit that is done on Client System that requires physical presence at Client location.

“Remote Support” means any assistance provided by Netsurit that is done on Client System without physical presence at Client location.