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Leverage Remote & On-Site IT Support for Your Business

Consolidate your IT support team into one vendor that can provide remote support and other IT services.

Why work with Netsurit for IT help desk services in Long Island and New York City?

  • Get immediate support with an average hold time of 10 seconds or less on all service calls.
  • Choose from customized support packages to meet your specific needs.
  • Receive guaranteed service promises and a no-hassle moneyback experience.
  • Access 100% performance measurements using Netsurit BSC.
  • Cancel at any time with just 24-hours’ notice within the first 4 months.

Why spend another minute on hold waiting for answers? Switch to a service provider that puts you first.

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IT help desk services in Long Island

Comprehensive Long Island IT Helpdesk Services for Your Business

Why fragment your services across multiple helpdesk support services and IT companies? Get everything you need from one Long Island-based managed service provider. We’ll take care of managed IT services, cloud computing, cyber security, disaster recovery, and more.


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IT Helpdesk Services in Long Island

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What To Expect When You Outsource IT Help Desk Support Services to Netsurit

Remote Helpdesk Services
When clients choose our helpdesk service in Long Island, they expect an immediate response. Our clients spend just 10 seconds or less on hold while we address their concerns or determine the best department to escalate issues to.
24/7 Access to Helpdesk Services
Our agents work around the clock to ensure you get immediate responses when your team reaches out for assistance. Consequently, we are also the first technology group that comes to mind when local businesses have tech emergencies.
Ticket Tracking & Metrics
You should never have to wonder whether we have seen your query and what we’ve done about it so far. Use our ticket tracking tools and metrics to stay abreast of how far along we are with resolving the issue at hand. This helps you provide realistic projections for workers and customers.
Hardware and Software Technology Solutions
We can capably tackle all IT challenges that appear. Whether it’s in your hardware, software, on your network, we resolve IT obstacles quickly so you can get back to work.
Talk to IT Specialists
Sometimes, matters are too technical for service agents at the IT Helpdesk in Long Island In these instances, agents escalate them to our certified technicians who can chart the best resolution process, including potential field support.
Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring
We believe the best time to solve an issue is before it begins. We monitor your system full-time to catch problems before they spiral into system-wide glitches, embarrassing shutdowns, and expensive downtime.
Software Application Help Desk
There’s an app to simplify every business process under the sun, but sometimes they malfunction. Software vendors are often unreachable or slammed during glitches, so we can resolve it for you. From tackling bugs to deploying patches, we’ve got you covered.
On-Site Field Tech Support
Every so often, there’s a problem so complex that we need to send out field technicians to resolve the issue. With over 290 IT professionals, we have enough hands on deck to get the work done anywhere and at any time. Our field technicians can also handle system upgrades and modernization.

100% Service Guarantee for Our Clients

At Netsurit, we put our money where our mouth is by offering our clients a 100% money-back service guarantee.

This gives our clients full confidence in the quality of our outsourced helpdesk support in Long Island and the return on investment for every penny spent on partnering with our business:

  • Get guaranteed server uptime.
  • Get guaranteed response time for tickets.
  • Get guaranteed resolution time.

0% Risk To Our Clients

We’ve been voted one of the top managed service providers since 2009.

To accomplish this, we focus on providing IT helpdesk Long Island services that clients keep because they want to — not because a 100-page contract makes it difficult to leave.

You can cancel your service with just a 24-hour notice within the first four months of partnering with us.

We also throw in an extra 30 days of free service as a thank you for your business.

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Comprehensive Long Island IT Helpdesk Services for Your Business

IT services are necessary for your business’s continued growth. But, why spend a penny more than you have to?

Our customers can choose from cost-effective customized support packages.

Whether you just need desktop and server support, work from home support, or assistance with your network, outsource to us today.