Non-profit Organization Streamlined Invoice Management Process With an Automation Solution That Saves Time and Money


Non-profit organization – Economic Development

Number of employees: 10-50

The business challenge

Like many organizations, this non-profit was struggling with manually processing a high volume of supplier invoices in a way that was both expensive and time-consuming. Every invoice required manual processing and entry into the accounts payable system. The task took 180 hours per month to complete and cost approximately $6,000.

The solution

Netsurit designed, built, and implemented an artificially intelligent supplier invoice capturing system using Microsoft Power Automate, AI and optical character recognition (OCR). The workflow captures the invoice data from the supplier and automatically maps the fields and transfers data to the accounts payable system. All the tools leveraged were readily available within the client’s Microsoft 365 subscription and Azure.

What was the result?

The business is benefiting from a saving of 180 work hours, or $6,000 per month, and the ability to reallocate the human resources to areas that can better utilize their individual skills.

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