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Netsurit Innovate drives competitive advantage, reduces costs, and enhances customer experiences through automation and digital transformation.

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Why Do I Need to Innovate

Are you worried about falling behind your competition because you’re struggling with digital transformation and innovation initiatives? If so, you are not alone. According to Deloitte, 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared. 

It is a game-changing subscription service that continuously enables non-stop automation and digital transformation initiatives. 

Signs that Netsurit Innovate may be right for you:

  • Tired of being told NO to your business automation initiatives?
  • Employees wasting time on cumbersome manual processes and poor systems? 
  • Islands of data holding you back from rapidly making informed business decisions?
  • Workforce struggling with inefficient legacy systems not optimized for the modern workplace? 

What is Netsurit Innovate

Netsurit Innovate is a subscription service that enables organizations to identify, prioritize and implement application and business process automation initiatives. 

Netsurit’s industry-first and only “Return on Innovation” guarantee and on-demand experts eliminate risk and enable your team to move at the speed of modern business.

Netsurit Innovate provides scalable access to a team of business analysts, data analysts, architects, developers, QA specialists, UI/UX engineers, AI/ML specialists and integration experts that:

  • Design and build apps, integrations, data models, dashboards and automated business process flows
  • Deliver rapid innovation through low code/no code tools such as Microsoft 365
  • Amplify the effectiveness of your team and allow you to say yes to more innovation projects

Are the demands of business operations and maintenance crowding out Innovation?

  According to Deloitte, only 18% of IT budget are spent on innovation.

How is Netsurit Innovate Different?


Industry first and only Return On Innovation guarantee eliminates risk 


Instant access to our team of on-demand innovation experts – no need to hire, staff and train more internal resources


Subscription service delivers continuous benefits with predictable costs and no upfront payments


Dashboard view into projects, savings and business impact


We leverage the the software you already have

Return On Innovation – Pillars of Success

We measure our Return on Innovation Guarantee and the impact it has on your business in the following critical areas:

  • Cost & Time Saving

    Helping you save time and money from your digital investment

  • Risk Reduction

    Reducing the business risk through intelligent prevention

  • Adoption Value

    Ensuring your technology is utilised to its maximum potential

  • Employee Engagement

    Keeping your employees’ engagement and productive

Flexible Buying Options

Choose the tier that’s right for you.

Client Case Study

What was the problem?

A time consuming and costly manual process to capture supplier invoices.  

The task took 180 hours a month to complete and cost approximately $6,000.

What was the solution

Design, build and implement an artificially intelligent supplier invoice capturing system, using Microsoft Power Automate and AI optical character recognition (OCR). The workflow captures the invoice data from the supplier provided a copy to an Excel worksheet. All the tools leveraged were readily available within the client’s Microsoft 365 subscription.

What was the result

A saving of 180 man-hours or $6,000 a month and the ability to reallocate the human resources to areas that would better utilize their individual skills.

IT that’s good enough is simply not good enough to succeed.

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