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Why work with Netsurit for cybersecurity in Queens?

  • Benefit from 24/7 monitoring to ensure round-the-clock security from one of the top Queens IT security companies.
  • Build a customized security framework that fits your business’s exact needs, taking advantage of over 23 years of experience.
  • Access expert tech support with help desk services provided by proven technicians.
  • Be prepared for any eventuality with disaster recovery and backup services so your business is never left vulnerable.
  • Leverage our Netsurit Security and Operations Center that manages your business’s entire cyber security array.

Without the right cyber security solutions, your business is vulnerable to a potentially devastating data breach. But with the Netsurit cyber security experts in Queens, you can rest easy knowing that your business is safe

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Get Peace of Mind With Expert Cyber Security Services

Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM) has provided us with immediate insights and reporting to help us identify trends and capacity within the organisation. RSC now has insights, not only into productivity, but also into potential burnout, under-utilisation, and an improved understanding of its company work patterns. All this in a non-invasive way that does not compromise trust.

“They live to the ethos of IT without fuss and they have provided us with extra services, support and project management skills. They were onboarded without fuss, and have added to the stability of the technology build. This base foundation allows me to innovate, which is key.”

“With reasonable rates and dedicated, understanding and proactive accounts manager, backed up by competent technicians who are always available to assist with our every query and need, we could not ask for a better IT service provider. We highly recommend Netsurit.”

“When we decided to improve our IT support model, Netsurit provided an onsite resource half day – Monday to Friday This had a significant impact on the business as it enhanced both response times and General IT support.”

“Netsurit have assisted us to investigate our current IT environment, define our strategy forward, and the develop a plan to enable us to reach our goals set.”

“Netsurit has a wealth of experience and has provided the President Hotel with IT tools and solutions to ensure that our vision of being the most technologically advanced hotel in Africa by 2025 is realised.”

Having the best IT infrastructure helps fleet management company achieve  optimal performance

Eqstra Fleet Management has outsourced its entire technology infrastructure to managed solution provider Netsurit, centralising the management and control of its entire network, increasing business efficiency and also freeing up time and money for the company.

See what tools most effective, and how and when your employees work best with NPM

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the required physical distancing measures, have caused many businesses to send their employees home. Maintaining output and efficiency can be a challenge under work from home (WFH) circumstances. That’s what spurred certain divisions within enX Group to implement Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM), a productivity monitoring tool that provides immediate insights and reporting to help you identify trends and capacity within your organisation.


Cyber Security Services in Queens

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Elite Cybersecurity in Queens

Cyber Security in Queens

In order for your business to protect itself from developing cyber security threats, you need cutting-edge cyber security solutions.

As one of the top Queens IT security companies, we provide proactive monitoring and management that is able to protect your business from evolving threats.

Security Incident Investigation and Remediation

We’re an experienced Queens cyber security company that has developed a proven methodology for threat identification and remediation.

Our real-time monitoring and threat response ensure that no cyber security vulnerability has the opportunity to develop into a major threat.

Cloud Security

The cloud offers your business a wealth of opportunities for increased productivity. But the cloud can also have potential vulnerabilities. 

Our team will audit your cloud environment, identifying and resolving any vulnerabilities.

Email Protection

One of the most common cyber security vulnerabilities comes by way of email.

That’s why our cyber security in Queens is designed to both train your team and implement ironclad email protections.

Network Safety

Your network is among the most important components of your IT environment. A network breach, as result, can be devastating. 

Our security services include regular patching and updates, ensuring your network is always secure.

Web and Content Filtering

With web and content filtering services, your end-users will be protected from inappropriate or malicious sites. 

Keep your business safe from potentially dangerous sites with web and content filtering.

Data Integrity and Theft Protection

Identifying a data breach after it has already infiltrated your system doesn’t do you any good.

Your business needs Netsurit experts who can proactively identify and mitigate threats before they are able to breach your IT stack.

Disaster Recovery

Data loss can happen at any time and for a variety of reasons, from simple human error to natural disasters.

But with Netsurit, one of the leading Queens cyber security firms, your business will be protected in any scenario with comprehensive disaster recovery and data backup services.

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in Queens for Network and Data Protection

Get Queens cyber security services that keep your business safe with proactive 24/7 monitoring and expert solutions.

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Trust Our Queens Cyber Security Company for Proven Solutions

Since 1998, we have been consistently improving and upgrading our cyber security services so that our clients get best-of-breed solutions. 

Get cyber security managed services from one of the top cyber security companies in Queens, and leverage our commitment to R&D and evolving cyber security methodologies.


Monitoring and threat detection from expert cyber security officers


Satisfaction rating with our cyber security services in Queens, NY

18 years

As a full-service certified Microsoft Gold Partner

Cyber Security Company Queens

Leverage End-to-End Cybersecurity in Queens

In order to be fully protected, your business needs cyber security solutions implemented across your IT stack.

Unlike other cybersecurity companies in Queens, we offer full-stack cyber security solutions:

  • Ransomware and malware protection
  • Desktop support services and security
  • Email protection, encryption, and filtering
  • Web and content filtering
  • Cloud and server security
  • Work from home best practices
  • Data integrity and theft protection
  • Cybersecurity training
  • And more

We’re unique among cyber security companies in Queens with our ironclad, end-to-end cyber security services.

Never Let a Threat Go Undetected With 24/7 Monitoring

Cyber security threats don’t work on a schedule; they can strike at any time. 

That’s why we offer 24/7 proactive monitoring, so your business is never left unprotected and vulnerable. 

Get peace of mind that your business is always provided for with one of the top Queens cyber security firms

Queens Cyber Security Services
Queens Cyber Security Company

Access Our Innovative Security Operations Center

Cyber security attacks are sophisticated and evolving with each passing year. You need solutions that can respond to this growing threat. 

Don’t settle for boiler-plate protection from one of the unproven cyber security firms in Queens; get top-tier protection delivered through the state-of-the-art Netsurit Security and Operations Centre (NSOC).

Partner with one of the most experienced cybersecurity firms in Queens and get solutions that protect your entire IT stack.

As one of the premier cyber security companies in Queens, we will build a custom cyber security plan uniquely designed to address your business’s unique needs. 

At Netsurit, it’s our commitment to support the dreams of the doers.

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