VIDEO: Komati Group’s Tech Triumph with Netsurit: A Story of Innovation, Cost-Saving, and Partnership

This video case study delves into the transformative journey of the Komati Group, a renowned family-run agriculture business rooted in South Africa. We hear firsthand from Piet Smit, the CEO, and key members like Armand Nell, the IT Manager, and Clemens Buys, the Group Financial Manager, as they highlight the challenges they faced with their legacy IT infrastructure. In a strategic move towards modernization, the Komati Group partnered with Netsurit.

Together, they ushered in a new era of IT solutions, notably shifting to Microsoft’s Azure platform. This digital transformation not only streamlined their operations and reduced costs but also elevated them to an international standard, positioning the Komati Group as a pioneering agricultural entity embracing cloud-based solutions. The emphasis on Netsurit’s alignment with the group’s values underscores a partnership built on trust, innovation, and shared growth aspirations.

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