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Our Culture

Based on the proven premise that a happy company is a healthy company, our culture is based on a tenet we have never swerved from since the day we began, “Supporting the dreams of the doers.”

For Netsurit, this means helping employees achieve their personal dreams and ambitions whilst freeing up our customers to meet their broader business goals by taking the burden of day-to-day IT operations off their shoulders.

Our aspiration has always been to create a culture where personal life and the workplace are inextricably linked and there’s a safe space to talk openly about what you want to achieve. Core to this philosophy is our Dreams Programme where each employee is encouraged to create an annual Dream Book visualising their top 10 personal goals.

Every month, we meet in small groups to talk about where they are in achieving those goals and how we can help them become realised.

Our culture is what helps us find and keep great people and attract like-minded clients. It isn’t for everyone, just like our company isn’t for everyone. And we, and our clients, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Cause

Making dreams come true may sound like an unusual cause statement for an information technology company, but we see IT as the toolbox that just about every businessperson relies on each day as they work toward making their dreams come true. At Netsurit, we see servers, laptops, and other technologies as the instruments our team uses to support our clients as they work to amaze their clients and make a difference in the world.

Our Values

We act with respect, loyalty and honesty, towards our Netsurit family, which includes our customers at all times.
We are concise, consistent and considerate in our interactions, with everyone.
We stay connected with our colleagues to improve both the experiences of our teams, as well as our external customers.
We make sure that what we think, say and do are consistent.
We actively empower, mentor and coach to positively influence the growth of our team, colleagues and the overall company.

Dreams Programme

Supporting the Dreams of the Doers

Netsurit provides the tools to help employees to identify their top 10 goals for the year. These dreams can be as basic as “spend more time with family” to more complex goals like completing an industry certification or applying to attend college.

Our Dreams Programme is designed to offer tangible support to help our staff achieve these goals and dreams. We make this investment in our team because when our team members are more fulfilled at work and home, this improves the environment in the Netsurit offices. We believe a healthy work-life balance for our employees makes them more effective and provide better service to our clients. Our people come first at Netsurit because the road to loyal clients and a profitable company starts with our team.

Workplace Culture Award | 2023

May 2023

The BDO Alliance Awards is an annual program that recognizes Alliance firms with outstanding business practices. It’s an opportunity for BDO to recognize select firms in our community for their accomplishments.

Awards were presented at our 2022 BDO Alliance USA Conference in Las Vegas.

Workplace Culture Winner

Shown evidence of strong employee engagement, including opportunities for growth and advancement, and a people-centered culture that thrives in the face of adversity: Netsurit

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