The 6 Main Benefits of Remote IT Support that Every Business Should Have

Benefits of Remote IT Support

While many businesses are perfectly aware remote IT support is something many other organizations use, what they may not be aware of is the myriad remote IT support benefits that those other businesses are also enjoying.

The prevailing opinion among business leaders and experts is that reliable remote IT support categorically reduces recurring IT issues and saves on annual IT costs. Plus, it’s been confirmed that at least 24% of businesses who use remote IT support say it has absolutely increased their overall efficiency by noticeable amounts.

With all that in mind, it’s worth exploring this topic further so that you (as a business owner/operator) can make an informed decision as to whether or not you’d like to explore remote IT tech support as a potential solution for improving the operations of your business.

That’s why, in this blog, we’re going to take a deep dive into the 6 primary benefits of remote IT support, as offered by managed IT services, so that you can decide whether or not to choose this popular option for yourself.

What Exactly is Remote IT Support?

Remote IT support is a service offered by managed IT services providers which allows a business to outsource their IT needs to a third party who can provide access to remote IT experts. These experts are available 24/7 and can be reached either online via chat or email, or over the phone. 

When businesses go with remote IT support, they get access to a dedicated support team of certified professionals who are there to help monitor and resolve any technical issues that arise. 

They can also provide advice on best practices for deploying new applications and hardware, as well as providing regular maintenance services and installations. This offers an increased level of security for businesses, since these professionals know how to secure networks and systems against malicious actors.

“Downtime..What’s That?” 

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The goal of remote IT support is to reduce the amount of recurring issues an organization may face while also staying compliant with all regulatory requirements. As part of their service, these providers will collect data from your system in order to create a baseline stats report that could be used for future benchmarking purposes when the need arises. 

This helps them quickly diagnose any potential problems before they become too severe and can provide detailed information on how they were able to solve it

In addition, many providers offer proactive monitoring which helps identify any potential issues before they become serious threats to business operations. This type of monitoring employs cutting-edge technologies and also helps businesses stay up-to-date with any changes in technology, hardware replacements, software updates, etc. so that their systems are always running optimally. 

Finally, these remote IT support providers often offer additional tech support such as troubleshooting applications, providing help desk services for employees having trouble using certain software tools or applications, helping maintain networks between multiple locations remotely, etc., making it easier for businesses to fill in any gaps where existing staff may not have expertise in certain areas.

The 6 Main Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support that Businesses are Taking Advantage of Today

Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

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In today’s ever-shifting professional climate of remote working and heightened cyber security threats, the benefits of remote IT support have never been more useful, or perhaps even necessary, to businesses all over the world.

From an increase in productivity to solving sudden issues via remote access (often at no additional cost to the flat monthly fee) here are the 6 main remote IT support benefits that you can expect to enjoy if you were to choose an MSP for help in growing your business.

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

The first benefit of remote IT support is that businesses are able to focus more on their core operations, since their technical needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals who can troubleshoot any issues quickly and efficiently. 

These highly experienced IT team members are able to deliver quick and informed support solutions based not only on their in-depth knowledge of information technology, but also based on your business’ unique needs and position within your industry.

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2. Improved Security and Compliance

Remote IT support providers have the knowledge and expertise to keep networks protected from potential threats or breaches, as well as helping businesses remain compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements for data security. 

This essential benefit of remote IT support is crucial in today’s world for small businesses especially, as 46% of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.

3. Reduced Costs 

Providers of remote IT support typically charge lower fees than in-house IT staff, so businesses can save money by outsourcing this function while still receiving top-quality service and support.

As one of the primary benefits of remote IT support, the considerable cost savings that the majority of businesses who employ these services see is not something that should be overlooked. 

4. Better Scalability

With remote monitoring services and proactive maintenance, businesses can easily scale their IT operations as needed to meet changing business requirements or additional growth in the future. 

Whether you experience rapid growth or need to take shelter during tough economic times, the scalability offered by this remote IT support benefit is substantial.

5. Better Customer Service

Remote IT support providers offer 24/7 support and assistance, so that businesses always have help available when they need it most. 

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This way, you never have to worry about being unable to meet your customers’ demands or losing potential revenue due to extended IT downtime.

6. Increased Flexibility and Expertise

By partnering with a remote IT support provider, businesses gain access to a team of highly skilled technicians who are able to assist with any technical issues at any time, while also providing valuable advice and expertise on best practices for maintaining their systems over time. 

Ultimately, by getting remote IT support from experienced professionals, businesses can benefit from:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved security and compliance
  • Better scalability and flexibility
  • Better customer service experiences
  • And access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge that they may not have in-house

With all of these points in mind, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are choosing to experience the sizable amount of remote IT support benefits for themselves.

The 6 Primary Benefits of Remote IT Support for Businesses

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