Eurolux and Netsurit Complete Long-Term IT Enchantments

Raynard Sims joined Eurolux in 2015 as the IT Manager for Eurolux, an international lighting company based in South Africa. Eurolux was such a success as a business that Raynard wanted to model that same success for the IT environment. Raynard needed a strong IT partner and Netsurit was awarded the challenge.

The risks that were immediately identified during Netsurit’s onboarding process included lack of security, neglected infrastructure, no disaster recovery, and no documented support process.

Due to the scale of the work required to reach Raynard’s ideal environment, Netsurit put a roadmap together, documenting each change to be implemented to the environment, and when it would be implemented. The roadmap allows Netsurit to ensure the creation of the “IT without Fuss” environment they strive to offer their partners.

In the months that followed the engagement with Netsurit, the software firewall which is an easy target for random ware and hacking was replaced by a physical device that had redundancy and the firewall was proactively monitored and managed. Managed switches were also installed onto the network.

Other in infrastructure components were replaced with machines specified to the tasks they need to perform. This ensured these machines were covered by warranty and had next business day call out as part of their warranty.

All workloads that could be moved to the cloud wee migrated immediately. This solved the problem of on-premise back-ups and disaster recovery.

The crucial implementation was a support process that covered end-to-end any probability.

Raynard had high expectations and wanted nothing less than 99.99% uptime. Through long hours and many robust conversations, the teams at Eurolux and Netsurit met this expectation.

“Netsurit lived up to their tagline, supporting the dreams of the doers.” Ray Sims, IT Manager

“Netsurit have assisted us to investigate our current IT environment, define our strategy forward, and the develop a plan to enable us to reach our goals set. This has all been accomplished within an agreed timeframe.”

  • Peter Willig, Managing Director

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