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Galderma turns its IT infrastructure into a competitive advantage with Netsurit

Outsourcing IT services is a decision which more businesses are making to support their growth. Managed IT support offers the advantage of enabling a company to attend to core functions, as well as customers’ needs and requirements, enhancing a company’s security and boosting productivity by maximising uptime.

That’s why Galderma South Africa, a pharmaceutical subsidiary for Nestle specialising in skin health, outsourced its IT services and support need to Netsurit.

Cas Smit, Office Manager at Galderma South Africa, says there were several IT challenges when she joined the company in 2011.

“Galderma did not have an onsite resource at the time I got involved with IT, which means that the response to IT queries or problems was slow because we had no onsite assistance,” says Smit. “When we decided to improve our IT support model, Netsurit provided an onsite resource half day – Monday to Friday This had a significant impact on the business as it enhanced both response times and General IT support.”

Smit says onsite supports plays a vital role in protecting Galderma business infrastructure. “Today, businesses depend on technology and computers. Having someone on your premises to take care of IT issues is essential. We now have immediate response to IT emergencies, and backups, upgrade and training are all done by qualified IT engineers.”

Asked about the impact Netsurit has had on the company’s business, smit says Galderma South Africa’s overall IT security compliance standing globally has been enhances, response times have been improved, and there has been great collaboration between Galderma and Netsurit to simply get work done.

Meriting Rabalao, technology advisor at Netsurit, says outsourcing can reduce operating costs because you don’t have to pay for the benefits, training and education costs associated with full-time in-house positions. You can also take advantage of greater knowledge base and multiple still-sets.

“One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing IT support is improved network performance,” Rabalao adds. “Often, in-house technical staff can create new problems by overcomplicating basic set-ups. This is due to the lack of skills and experience, whereas an IT provider offers multiple technicians and a wide variety of skill-sets.”

An outsourced IT staff provides a higher level of accountability, Rabalao says. “Managed services providers strive to develop long-term relationships with client based on the exceptional performance of their IT systems which, in turn, makes the IT technicians strive to provide the best performance possible. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

“We are looking forward to continued business alignment and a long and productive partnership with Netsurit,” Smit concludes.

Cas Smit
Office Manager

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