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Terms of Service

Updated as of June 22, 2022

These Block Time Terms of Service (“Block Terms”) govern Client’s use of Netsurit’s Block Time Services. By subscribing to or using Netsurit’s Block Time Services, Client agrees to be bound by these Block Time Service Terms, which are incorporated into the Netsurit Master Service Agreement between Client and Netsurit. Capitalized terms not defined in these Terms of Service have the meaning given to them in the Netsurit Master Service Agreement.


Block Time. Block Time is paid 100% in advance. Block Time Hours can be used throughout the Term of the Agreement; there is no set usage per week or month. Additional Blocks of Hours can be purchased by Client at any time. Block Time can only be applied to work performed during Business Hours. Any activity performed by Netsurit will be billed.

Additional hours are billed at the Hourly Rate.


Scheduled Work. Client must schedule all service requests. Scheduling may be done by telephone or email. Netsurit will schedule service requests for the earliest available date. On-demand support is not available with this Service Level.

Netsurit will only perform services as specified and scheduled by Client. Netsurit shall have no other obligations, inferred or implied, to Client.

Netsurit will NOT be reachable outside of Business Hours.


This Block Time Addendum shall remain in effect for as long as unused and active Block Time remains.

The Term will continue to renew as long as Client replenishes Block Time.

The Term will automatically expire when Block Time runs out or expires.

Unused Block Time expires at EIGHTEEN (18) months past the purchase date.