Netsurit leverages benefits of Microsoft advanced analytics

Netsurit leverages benefits of Microsoft advanced analytics to offer unparalleled threat protection and detection.

The benefits of moving to the cloud are well documented. Cloud services allow you to pay only for the resources you need, while offering scale and reliability, two things that have an enormous impact on the bottom line. Moreover, the cloud also comes with the convenience of automatic software updates. But like any digital asset, just because the cloud is powerful doesn’t mean it’s without risks. Cloud security is absolutely critical to make sure your organization doesn’t become vulnerable.

This was the topic of discussion at a recent Microsoft Security Days Partner Event held in Israel. The event was attended by Netsurit, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, one of only a few in South Africa that specialises in cloud security solutions on the Microsoft platform.

André Keartland, solutions architect at Netsurit’ s Inobits consulting division, said the by-invitation-only conference brought together leaders in the cloud security space, allowed attendees to share their experiences and expertise, and to meet the people who develop security software face-to-face.

“Our relationship with Microsoft enables us to be up to speed with the latest developments in cloud security and to ensure that our customers have access to the up-to-date offerings and services when it comes to cloud security,” says Keartland. “We offer the best in cloud security technology and solutions to safeguard our clients’ business and data to mitigate risk and support successful digital workspace solutions.”

Keartland says there is a drive to integrate all security products created by different software developers on the Microsoft platform into one consolidated platform.

“To keep up with the increasing speed of business and the number of threats to information security, we are moving towards proactive threat management through a multi-layered platform. Microsoft offers an array of advanced tools, targeting identity and access management, information protection, threat protection and security management. The combined power of these tools enables us to stop damaging attacks in their tracks and trace the source of the attacks afterwards, in order to protect systems against future threats.”

The latest Microsoft security products and services have rapid threat detection and response based on insights from security intelligence, machine learning, and behavioural analytics.

“Using AI to take data from a number of different sources and then analyse it, patterns and events that humans simply cannot see can be identified and eliminated,” says Keartland. “We are now placing data and systems protection at the heart of our approach to the market. Where many service providers focus only on functionality, we believe strongly that security is critical.”

Keartland stresses that the security landscape is constantly changing, with threats becoming more prevalent and attacks more vicious than ever before. “In the past, hackers attacked systems to gain bragging rights; today cybercrime is far more insidious and criminal organizations are flourishing. This is especially true in less regulated parts of the world, like China, Russia and the Ukraine, for example, where cybercrime businesses are constantly looking for opportunities to kidnap systems. Often they team up with local crime syndicates to gain access.”

He warns that the reputational damage to companies that becomes victims of cybercrime and hacking by criminal gangs is often substantial. The recently introduced EU general data protection regulations and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information act (PoPI), which is soon to come into effect, make it clear that businesses are legally obligated to do everything they can to protect data, and to have the necessary protection, policies and procedures in place to ensure that data is not compromised.

“Organizations that do not place data security at the centre of their operations risk being sued by regulators and partners if they become victims to cybercrime,” says Keartland. “Security today is no longer the concern of the IT managers – the CEO, CFO and COO all have to take cognisance of how critical the topic is to business survival. They all have to commit to better protection for their customers.”

He says Netsurit’s security know-how is truly unmatched in the market. “The combination of our passionate and innovative team and deep expertise truly sets Netsurit apart. We are building a set of solutions that will provide better and more security for our customers into the future. The lessons we have learnt from our customers in the financial services industry – which is at the frontline of cybercrime – are being used to feed back into other sectors, such as retail, manufacturing and mining, which have had less exposure to hacking, phishing and ransomware attacks.”

He emphasises the benefits of Netsurit’ s three-pillar approach – people, processes, and technology – which empowers employees to optimize solutions provided in the workplace. “That’s what makes our solutions so successful,” he adds. “These three important aspects, the people, process and technology must be in alignment for security to be effective and holistic.”

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