Netsurit takes Pastel to the cloud for Nal’ibali Trust

National reading campaign for children gets Pastel in the cloud powered by Netsurit and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Business finances. Cloud accounting software lets you do that from any device or location.

“Netsurit has been Nal’ibali Trust’s IT support partner and managed services provider since September 2019,” says Saleem Mukuddem, CFO of Nal’ibali Trust. “By understanding our needs, Netsurit has been able to demonstrate innovation by building a bespoke solution that has transformed the way our finance team access Pastel remotely, a business-critical function.”

Netsurit moved the organisation’s Pastel solution to Windows Virtual Desktop, a Microsoft Azure-based system for virtualising Windows operating systems and providing virtualised desktops and applications in the cloud.

The need for this solution was a direct requirement from the business to support a work from home (WFH) culture prior to the lockdown. This decision and the required investment were vindicated when lockdown was implemented and is still paying dividends as remote working becomes the norm.

While the immediate requirement was to enable staff to access business-critical systems securely from home, the business has also been able to achieve the following from this innovative solution:

  • Deliver the service via a remote desktop services (RDS) multi-session Windows 10 experience.
  • Allows for managing and provisioning access to data across devices easily and securely, while ensuring adherence to security and compliance regulations.
  • Faster access to the applications than before.
  • Business continuity due to the business application running 24×7 in the cloud.
  • Increased staff productivity as people are accessing business-critical systems securely from home.
  • Automated backups mean data is safe and recoverable.
  • Reduction in hardware on-premises, therefore reducing capex spend going forward.
  • No reliance on onsite systems requiring power and support.
  • Remote support is cheaper than onsite support, which is better for the client.

“We have been very impressed with the solutions, mindset and responsiveness of Netsurit’s highly qualified team,” Mukuddem says. “Their knowledge and guidance about setting up and migrating Pastel to the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment made the transition a successful one. It was delivered on time and within budget. We would highly recommend Netsurit as your managed services and cloud solutions provider. The only thing you need is a Pastel licence and a desire to move away from on-premises hardware.”

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