The Average Cost of IT Support for Businesses

Cost of IT Support for Businesses

The average cost of IT support services can vary significantly, often depending on whether you choose to engage managed IT services or employ an in-house IT team.

Regardless of the chosen approach, ensuring dependable IT support is crucial for the smooth operation of your business’s entire IT infrastructure.

Securing competent support is essential to avoid service disruptions and to provide a superior customer experience. An increasing number of businesses are integrating it as a core aspect of their operations.

In 2020, the global IT service market reached a valuation of $715.93 billion, with outsourcing accounting for over 77% of the market share. The global IT support services market is projected to expand at an annual growth rate of 11.2% from 2022 to 2030.

If your business is contemplating outsourcing IT support, this guide will help you determine the average cost of IT support for mid-sized and small businesses.

“The cost of IT support isn’t just a line item; it’s an investment in your business’s agility and resilience,” says Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit.

What is the Average Cost of IT Support Services?

The cost of IT support for small and mid-sized businesses can differ widely, influenced by a multitude of factors. The expenses associated with IT support are shaped by your industry, the business model, and the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Key elements that influence IT support pricing are:

  • The day-to-day and strategic services provided
  • The nature and duration of the contract
  • The specific charges of the individual provider
  • Service pricing models vary based on the number of users or servers

The scope of your IT support requirements is the primary aspect to consider in terms of mid-sized (100-700) and small business (25-99) IT support pricing. IT support can encompass services such as:

  • Setting up IT networks
  • Regular software updates
  • Responding to technical issues
  • Conducting system backups
  • Monitoring for threats
  • Implementing cybersecurity measures
  • Maintaining websites or portals

Managed IT support service providers (MSPs) tailor service plans uniquely for each business. Often, the billing for these services is determined by the number of users or devices to be managed on a monthly basis.

In a Nutshell: Factors That Affect the Average Cost of IT Support Services

FactorDescriptionCost-Control Strategies
Service ScopeThe range and complexity of IT services provided.Prioritize essential services and scale as needed.
Contract DurationThe length of the service agreement.Opt for flexible contracts that can adapt to your needs.
Provider’s PricingThe fee structure of the IT support provider.Compare multiple providers to ensure competitive pricing.
Pricing ModelThe basis of service billing, e.g., per user or per server.Choose a pricing model that aligns with your usage.
IT Infrastructure ComplexityThe complexity and uniqueness of your IT environment.Streamline and standardize systems where possible.
In-House vs. OutsourcedChoosing between an internal team or an external provider.Evaluate the long-term costs and benefits of each option.
Expertise RequiredThe level of specialization needed for your IT support.Invest in training for in-house teams or seek specialized providers.

Which services are right for you will depend on your existing setup, including whether you have an existing IT team, the support shortfall you are facing, and if you need specific expertise.

Beyond determining the necessary level of IT support, businesses also need to decide on the method of engaging IT services. Typically, there are three pricing models for IT support contracts: recurring, one-time, and self-managed support.

Let’s dive into a comparison of these three pricing structures for IT support contracts suited for small businesses.

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1. Recurring Monthly IT Support Contract Pricing

Businesses with consistent IT support demands may find fixed monthly IT support contracts. These ensure ongoing coverage for their technical needs.

Such contracts ensure dedicated, ongoing support, safeguarding your business against expensive operational disruptions.

Usually charged at a fixed monthly rate, these contracts represent a commitment to ongoing IT assistance. While the financial outlay for this option might be higher, it typically offers the most thorough service, encompassing proactive measures and risk management strategies.

2. One-Time IT Support Contract Pricing

For organizations requiring short-term IT assistance, investing in an ad-hoc or break/fix IT support contract could be more financially prudent.

This model is best suited for businesses with very infrequent IT needs. While you pay only when you require break/fix services, beware! Since the IT support contract is priced at an hourly rate, complex or recurring issues can easily end up costing more than what you would pay for a fixed monthly contract.

3. Self-Managed IT Support Contract Pricing

Alternatively, you may choose to manage your IT needs internally by recruiting a dedicated IT manager or team.

Similar to continuous support from an external provider, an internal IT team ensures your support requirements are consistently met.

An in-house team also offers the advantage of specialists who are intimately acquainted with your business and are invested in its success. However, the various costs associated with employing an IT support team, including salaries, insurance, leave entitlements, and additional perks, can accumulate significantly over time.

While an external IT support provider always stays up-to-date about current and emerging technology trends, that is not always the case for an internal team, which is generally more focused on internal IT functions. 

An external partner often has more industry expertise, which makes staying updated on IT trends vital to ensure their effectiveness.

As reported by Payscale, the average salary for an IT professional in the U.S. is around $88,000. When you factor in the ancillary expenses, the total investment in in-house IT support can escalate rapidly.

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The Average Cost for IT Support Per Hour

You can determine an average cost on an hourly or monthly basis for each of the three types of IT support contracts. Here’s a breakdown of the typical costs associated with each contract type per hour of IT support:

Managed Service Provider: Engaging an MSP on a regular or monthly contract typically starts at approximately $1,200 per month. You can often purchase additional support hours at rates up to $250 per hour if additional support hours are required. You may also be able to tailor service packages to suit your business’s needs.

One-Time Service: The costs for one-time IT support services are variable, depending on the duration and extent of the support needed. Generally, break/fix IT support rates range from $125 to $250 per hour. However, if you need certified specialists, costs can be greater.

Self-Managed Support: With the national average annual salary for IT technicians being around $88,000, the cost for an in-house IT support team could average out to about $42.31 per hour for each technician, not including additional employment expenses. Costs only increase from there if you decide to, say, hire more IT staff.

Keep Your IT Support Costs Under Control

Outsourcing your IT support services brings adaptability, assurance, and the specialized knowledge necessary to manage your small business competently.

Having gained insight into the expenses associated with IT support for your small enterprise, the next step involves partnering with a reliable provider that consolidates all your technical support requirements.

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