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Get unparalleled managed security services from one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Manhattan.

Why work with Netsurit for cyber security services in Manhattan?

  • Protect your data and applications by utilizing the knowledge of over 290 SMEs with 23+ years of experience.
  • Get advanced cybersecurity in Manhattan with evolving strategies to keep you one step ahead of criminals.
  • Restore your data with enhanced backup and disaster recovery services, so you can get back to work quickly.
  • Control IT spending with custom cyber security in Manhattan that meets your unique business needs.
  • Gain an understanding of cyberattacks with threat intelligence that helps mitigate harmful data breaches.

Cyber threats can disrupt business, reduce profit, and harm your reputation. Mitigate the threat by partnering with one of the top Manhattan IT security companies.

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What Clients Say About Our Cyber Defense and Security Services

Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM) has provided us with immediate insights and reporting to help us identify trends and capacity within the organisation. RSC now has insights, not only into productivity, but also into potential burnout, under-utilisation, and an improved understanding of its company work patterns. All this in a non-invasive way that does not compromise trust.

“They live to the ethos of IT without fuss and they have provided us with extra services, support and project management skills. They were onboarded without fuss, and have added to the stability of the technology build. This base foundation allows me to innovate, which is key.”

“With reasonable rates and dedicated, understanding and proactive accounts manager, backed up by competent technicians who are always available to assist with our every query and need, we could not ask for a better IT service provider. We highly recommend Netsurit.”

“When we decided to improve our IT support model, Netsurit provided an onsite resource half day – Monday to Friday This had a significant impact on the business as it enhanced both response times and General IT support.”

“Netsurit have assisted us to investigate our current IT environment, define our strategy forward, and the develop a plan to enable us to reach our goals set.”

“Netsurit has a wealth of experience and has provided the President Hotel with IT tools and solutions to ensure that our vision of being the most technologically advanced hotel in Africa by 2025 is realised.”

Having the best IT infrastructure helps fleet management company achieve  optimal performance

Eqstra Fleet Management has outsourced its entire technology infrastructure to managed solution provider Netsurit, centralising the management and control of its entire network, increasing business efficiency and also freeing up time and money for the company.

See what tools most effective, and how and when your employees work best with NPM

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the required physical distancing measures, have caused many businesses to send their employees home. Maintaining output and efficiency can be a challenge under work from home (WFH) circumstances. That’s what spurred certain divisions within enX Group to implement Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM), a productivity monitoring tool that provides immediate insights and reporting to help you identify trends and capacity within your organisation.


Cyber Security Services in Manhattan

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Reliable Cyber Security Products and Services

Advanced Cybersecurity

As cybercriminals become more adept at breaking into networks and stealing data, security strategies must evolve to keep up. 

Partner with one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Manhattan for cutting-edge technology and evolving strategies.

Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe with advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions.

We’ll perform routine backups and disaster recovery simulations to ensure that in the case of a data breach we get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Cloud-Based Security Enhancements

Ensure your Office 365 and Azure environments stay secure with proactive maintenance and prevention strategies. We offer: 

  • Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration Service
  • Microsoft Security Operations Service
  • Azure Core Administration Service

Data Integrity and Theft Protection

Keep an eye out for security threats around the clock with 24/7 monitoring and routine security management.

As one of the most experienced Manhattan cyber security firms, our certified security teams will identify and fix weaknesses in your network to keep your information secure.

Secure Connectivity

Protect your data with multiple fail-safes that ensure your connection remains secure and that only those with permission can access your network.

Web and Content Filtering

The internet is one of the easiest ways to access your network, through outlets like email and social media.

We’ll monitor your network traffic to protect your company and employees from inappropriate or offensive websites that could prove damaging to your company.

Email Protection

Manhattan cyber security firms know that email is often the easiest way for hackers to gain access to your network. 

We provide extra protection with:

  • Anti-phishing user training
  • anti-virus/malware
  • Multi-factor authentication

Security Incident Investigation and Remediation

Rely on real-time monitoring of your cloud and on-premises environments to identify and fix weaknesses. 

Partner with a top Manhattan cyber security company and gain access to our state-of-the-art Netsurit Security Operations Centre (NSOC).

Ensure Network Integrity With Advanced Security Solutions

Let one of the top cybersecurity firms in Manhattan protect your data

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Quality Support With Proven Numbers

For over two decades, we’ve provided advanced cyber security in Manhattan leading to superior data protection. 

Unlike other cybersecurity companies in New York City, we understand that threats continue to change and grow, which means that our strategies also need to evolve to keep up.


Monitoring for rapid incident response


Technical staff and security experts

23+ years

As a leader among cyber security firms in Manhattan

Cyber Security Company Manhattan

Complete Security Solutions for Your Entire Infrastructure

Large, medium and small businesses can benefit from partnering with a leading Manhattan cyber security company.

With over 23 years of IT experience, we know how to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your IT stack. 

  • Risk assessment
  • IT consulting
  • End-user protection
  • Anti-phishing user training
  • Penetration testing 
  • Secured mobile devices
  • Email protection, encryption, and filtering
  • Desktop & server support
  • Work from home support
  • Network support & consulting services
  • And more

By partnering with one of the top cyber security firms in Manhattan, you’ll receive cutting-edge security technology and evolving strategies that keep you one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Control IT Spending With Custom Security Solutions

Many cyber security companies in Manhattan use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to cybersecurity, but we believe that you deserve a security solution that’s as unique as your business.

Our cyber team will evaluate your network for inefficiencies and create a custom solution designed to keep your data out of the wrong hands. 

Partner with Netsurit, a leader of Manhattan IT security companies to maximize your ROI.

Cyber Security Services
Cyber security services in Manhattan

Get Rapid Response Cyber Threats With 24/7 Monitoring and Management

Netsurit has the experience and technical knowledge to keep your network safe 24/7.

With real-time monitoring and alerts, we’ll detect and start to resolve threats immediately, before they have time to impact your business. 

Don’t trust your data to unproven cyber security companies in Manhattan

For 23 years, Netsurit has been one of the leading Manhattan cybersecurity companies, supporting the dreams of the doers.

We’ll take the time to learn your needs and create a custom strategy that fills any exploitable gaps in your network, so only authorized individuals have access to your data.

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