Netsurit Launches First-and-Only On-Demand Digital Transformation Solution with Return on Innovation Guarantee

Netsurit Innovate drives competitive advantage, reduces costs, and enhances customer experiences, through automation and digital transformation.

New York/Johannesburg, April 20, 2022: Leading global IT and digital transformation managed service provider Netsurit today announced the launch of Netsurit Innovate. Netsurit Innovate is a game-changing subscription service that enables organizations to continuously identify, prioritize and implement business process automation and digital transformation initiatives. Netsurit’s first-and-only “Return on Innovation” guarantee and on-demand experts eliminate risk and enable teams to move at the speed of modern business.

According to Deloitte, 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared.  Organizations struggle with digital transformation for several reasons including:

  • High risk of failure
  • Lack of resources and digital transformation expertise
  • Challenges adopting technology

According to Gartner, talent shortages are the biggest barrier to emerging technologies adoption.  IT executives cited talent availability as the main adoption risk factor for the majority of IT automation technologies (75%).

Netsurit Innovate helps organisations overcome the challenges of innovation and digital transformation.  Netsurit Innovate provides scalable access to a team of business analysts, data analysts, architects, developers, QA specialists, UI/UX engineers, AI/ML specialists and integration experts to:

  • Design and build apps, integrations, data models, dashboards and automated business process flows
  • Deliver rapid innovation through low code/no-code tools you already have
  • Amplify the effectiveness of teams and allow organizations to say “yes” to more innovation projects

“Netsurit Innovate enables companies to overcome the challenges of implementing innovation and digital transformation initiatives,” says Andrew Cohen, Managing Director Netsurit Automate. “Because it is delivered as an affordable and on-demand subscription service, organizations of all sizes can accelerate their digital transformation, automation and innovation initiatives.”

Netsurit Innovate takes the risk out of Digital Transformation initiatives through the industry’s first and only “Return on Innovation” guarantee.  The guarantee ensures that every subscriber achieves a positive ROI, eliminating all risk.

Netsurit Innovate starts with an initial assessment or workshop to help organizations uncover opportunities to automate and modernize their business. The Netsurit team is skilled at quickly assessing and then implementing projects that maximize the value of clients’ existing technology investments. For instance, we work with existing Microsoft investments in order to leverage current technology stacks and reduce costs.  Netsurit then continuously implements prioritized initiatives based upon business goals and measures ongoing “Return on Innovation”.

“Netsurit has had a unique focus on innovation since we were founded more than 20 years ago”, say Orrin Klopper, Netsurit CEO.  “We developed Netsurit Innovate to help organizations access the resources and expertise they need to thrive in this time of massive digital disruption and fundamental change in the way work gets done in the modern workplace.”

About Netsurit:

With headquarters in New York and Johannesburg, Netsurit is a global company that provides Managed Services for organizations of all sizes. Its culture is based on the tenet, “Supporting the Dreams of the Doers.” Netsurit has been internationally recognized as one of the top Managed Service Providers since 2009.

Press contact:
Jolandi Marais

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