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Accounting firm automated business-critical billing process resulting in higher productivity and accuracy, while reducing operating costs.


Financial Services – Accounting, Tax, Consulting
Number of Employees – 50-100

The business challenge

The company was plagued by time-consuming and costly manual processes required to capture records from bill payment platform and transfer them to SharePoint Online. The task took 20 hours a month to complete and cost approximately R40,000 per month. The goal was to automate these processes and reduce the costs involved.

The solution

Netsurit designed, built, and implemented an artificially intelligent supplier invoice capturing system using Microsoft Power Automate, AI and optical character recognition (OCR). The workflow capturNetsurit designed, built, and implemented an automated workflow using Microsoft Power Automate. At defined intervals, the workflow automatically copied the data from to SharePoint online. A dashboard was built to present the data in a business-friendly and easy-to-understand manner. All the tools used for the project were readily available within the client’s Microsoft 365 subscription.

What was the result?

The company saved 20 working hours every month (50% of a full-time role), resulting in a R480,000 saving per year. They were able to reallocate skilled employees to areas that would better utilize their individual talents – and ultimately stop the COO from having sleepless nights.

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