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Adviceworx moves to Microsoft Azure with Netsurit

Azure offers the broadest compliance coverage of any cloud provider, with a dedicated program for financial services compliance.

Independent financial services business Adviceworx, provides professional management of financial adviser networks and practices, guiding clients and helping them to achieve lasting financial well-being.

“When Adviceworx moved from a hosted solution to Microsoft Cloud in late 2017, Netsurit assisted us along the journey,” says Stuart Porrill, Director of Partner Services at Adviceworx. “We recently upgraded our Microsoft Cloud operating package which required us to move our IT environment and all users to Microsoft’s Azure platform. We did this with the excellent help and advice of Netsurit’s Cloud Operation Security Centre (COSC) team. This new support model is really working for us.”

“Dean Naidoo, Andre Keartland and their team are phenomenally supportive to our business,” Porrill adds. “As a small-to medium-enterprise in the financial services sector, Adviceworx now has a secure and optimal IT environment which is easily managed. Adviceworx is now poised to roll out improved compliance policies for all Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) legislation as recommended and enabled by Microsoft.”

Author – Barbi Goldblatt – Regional Executive

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