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Amaro Foods Streamlines Operations with Netsurit’s Cost-Saving Tech Solutions


Amaro Foods is a Food and Beverage Manufacturing company in South Africa that specialises in creating and supplying a wide variety of baked products such as rolls, croissants, speciality breads, wraps and hot cross buns – the latter being a consistent recipient of the Hot Cross Bun Of The Year Award. Operating from Epping, Montague Gardens and Killarney Gardens in Cape Town, the company efficiently supplies Woolworths stores nationwide.

Amaro Foods’ internal ICT team faced significant challenges in its ICT infrastructure. The reliance on expensive laptops strained the company’s budget, and the skill gap among employees in using these devices led to reduced productivity and potential security risks. Additionally, the bakery environment, with its dust and other particulates, threatened the longevity and performance of their ICT equipment. These challenges necessitated a robust solution to streamline operations while being cost-effective and environmentally resilient.

The solution

In May 2022, Amaro Foods initiated a partnership with Netsurit. The engagement aimed to enhance the ICT data acquisition and information display devices with a focus on integrating tablet devices managed through Microsoft Intune. This strategic move was driven by the need to find a cost-effective alternative to laptops, enhance operational efficiency, and tailor the ICT infrastructure to the unique demands of a bakery environment.

Orrin Klopper, CEO at Netsurit, commented, “We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges. For Amaro Foods, it wasn’t just about upgrading their ICT infrastructure but crafting a solution resonating with a Manufacturing company’s distinct demands. Our approach with Amaro Foods was to provide a seamless integration of tablet devices managed through Microsoft Intune, which not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also aligned with their specific environmental needs.”

Netsurit’s solution included several key components:

  • Tablet Integration with Microsoft Intune: The primary objective was to replace expensive laptops with tablets. These devices needed to be robust enough to withstand the bakery environment and compatible with Microsoft Intune for efficient management.
  • Customised Mobile Device Management (MDM): Utilising Microsoft Intune, Netsurit provided a centralised platform for managing and securing tablet devices. This approach enhanced security and compliance and allowed for remote management and troubleshooting – a crucial feature in the factory setting.
  • Cost-Effective Procurement: A key objective was to acquire these tablets and software licenses at a competitive price, ensuring quality and reliability without compromising on the budget.
  • Environmental Resilience: Given the bakery’s challenging environment, selecting tablets with dust and moisture resistance was crucial. Netsurit focused on devices that offered durability and performance under such conditions.
  • Compliance and Security: The solution ensured adherence to industry regulations and enhanced data security through encryption.
  • Lifecycle Management: Netsurit provided comprehensive management of the devices, from setup to eventual retirement, ensuring a seamless integration into Amaro Foods’ operations.

Results & Benefits

Wouter Nel, ICT Manager at Amaro Foods commented, “This partnership between Netsurit and our ICT team has been a game-changer for Amaro Foods. Their tailored approach to our unique needs has streamlined our operations and significantly reduced our ICT costs. The transition to tablet-based systems managed through Microsoft Intune was seamless, with immediate benefits. We’ve seen a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Utilising tablets with Android operating systems greatly assists our younger staff, who by default already have a very good understanding of how to use and navigate these devices, resulting in quicker deployment and less training cost and time.”

The implementation of Netsurit’s solution brought transformative changes to Amaro Foods:

  • Cost Reduction: The shift from laptops to tablets resulted in significant savings in ICT expenses. This move reduced the initial hardware costs as well as lowered ongoing maintenance and support expenses.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The new system streamlined operations, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Employees quickly adapted to the tablet devices, which were more suited to the factory environment than the previous laptops.
  • Improved Security and Compliance: With Microsoft Intune, Amaro Foods gained a robust platform for managing device security and compliance, crucial for protecting sensitive company data.
  • Environmental Adaptation: The tablets selected were specifically chosen for their ability to withstand the bakery environment, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Operational Scalability: The solution offered by Netsurit was scalable, allowing Amaro Foods to easily adapt to future growth and technological advancements.
  • Positive User Experience: The ease of use and reliability of the new system positively surprised the Amaro Foods team. The transition was seamless, with employees quickly adapting to the new devices.

“The successful tag-team effort in implementing these tech solutions for Amaro Foods is a prime example of Netsurit’s and our ICT team’s dedication to transformative technology solutions. We didn’t just replace laptops with tablets; we opened a new realm of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental resilience for Amaro Foods. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of this partnership,” Mr Nel concluded.

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