Dare your employees to dream

How do you keep company culture thriving even though everyone is working from home? The coronavirus pandemic has caught us all unaware. To get everyone working from home has been a challenge, but the main concern is the potential longevity of the coronavirus pandemic and what that means for a company with a strong culture, like the one Netsurit has strived to create.

Business As Usual For A Brave New World

Any move to the Cloud requires careful planning to get the best fit for the business need. Not all servers, services or systems are assumed to be cloud compatible and ready to move. Therefor step one to a cloud adoption strategy starts with a Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Cutting IT costs in the digital era is an opportunity and a threat.

Technology and the management of technology have moved on since the ’90s and ’00s: Architecture, agile, digital transformation, IT services and operations, new and improved IT management tools, and emergent technologies. Overlaid on these developments is the attitude of business towards IT and its value in the organization. In the digital era, technology and the IT department has become central to organizational success and customer-led strategies.

Benefits of cloud computing for business

Cloud computing is a means of storing data independently on the internet. Many businesses choose this method of data storage over local servers due to the benefits. Read about the benefits of cloud computing for business below: Money saver Cloud…

What are the components of IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is an internal system of operation for businesses. It consists of several components that are used to provide quality IT services and solutions to clients. Here are the components of IT infrastructure: Hardware Hardware…

Elevate access for Azure AD Global Admin to manage all Azure subscriptions

Normally, Azure and Azure Active Directory (AAD) roles are entirely independent of each other. Azure AD built-in roles are usually used in AAD itself and in Office 365; however you can be the Global Admin in an AAD tenant, and have zero rights in the Azure subscriptions associated with that Azure AD tenant, and vice versa.

What is Digital Business and why does it matter?

Are you and your manager’s buzzword-compliant You know the words and use them (often) but don’t really know what they meant deeper than the standard catchphrase level. Let’s take a phrase like: digital business”. What does it mean and what are the implications of digitizing your business?

The role of IT in business

We’ve all heard about digital disruption and digital transformation. But what do they mean and what is IT’s role in disruption and transformation? Disruption is about how the world and your competition work. Transformation is about how you work.

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