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Centre for Reproductive Rights outsources helpdesk to Netsurit

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world, has outsourced its helpdesk to managed services provider (MSP) Netsurit. Headquartered in New York, the Center partnered with Netsurit in 2017, and has since enjoyed benefits such as reduction in IT infrastructure costs, redirection of its IT team’s skills to key areas, and increased user satisfaction.

The Center is a legal innovator seeking to fundamentally transform the landscape of reproductive health and rights worldwide. It has defined the course of reproductive rights through its victories in courts around the world, as well as at the United Nations.

“We have staff stationed all around the country and the world,” says Timothy Dedman, IT Operations Manager at the Center for Reproductive Rights. “Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic having a reliable, single point of communication we can confidently provide to staff has been integral to our success. Our prior helpdesk company was not as communicative or as proactive as we needed, to continue to do important work regarding international human rights.”

Dedman says the Center was seeking higher levels of communication and accountability from its helpdesk provider, as well as more consistent service delivery and the ability to partner on projects. This was becoming increasingly important as the organization continues to grow and has to leverage its helpdesk to deliver required services to its staff.

Netsurit’s commitment to end-user functionality, and incident management and escalation services, are designed to resolve user issues and requests as quickly as possible. With Netsurit, the Center’s helpdesk system has been optimized to minimize user wait times for incidents and requests, deliver decisive solutions as quickly as possible, and maintain function of the organization’s IT infrastructure.

“I have been with the Center for six years and have worked with many external contractors in that time as well as three helpdesk providers,” says Dedman. “In my experience, Netsurit is easily the best and most responsive and responsible of those three and is at the top of the list for all external contractors period. While a helpdesk relationship is by its nature always a work in progress, I am heartened that after three years management continues to be responsive and receptive.

Dedman says Netsurit was chosen as the right partner for the Center based on the services and pricing the MSP is able to offer, and also because speaking at length with the management team provided confidence in their ability to meet the Centre’s needs.

“Netsurit has been a good partner, open to constructive feedback and to evolving our relationship as our needs have changed,” he adds. “Having an existing IT presence at the Center has been a challenge for some companies we worked with in the past, but the Netsurit team was receptive and adaptive to this model, and has always been highly communicative when it comes to requests that may need to be escalated to us for internal resolution or review. Having Netsurit on board has helped us to share the IT workload, both for daily issues and for routine upkeep matters like patching. This allows us more time to focus on other, more strategic, IT issues.”

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