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The Dreamers and the Doers

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For one of us, “Dreams of the Doers” was about getting his family to Cape Town.

Mpho Ndimande has been participating in the Dreams of the Doers initiative at Netsurit for the past four years. One of Mpho’s dreams was to go to Cape Town. He’d wanted to visit for many years, but every time an opportunity presented itself, he would either make excuses or something would prevent him from going. In 2018, he resolved to use the Dreams of the Doers programme to make it the year he went to Cape Town.

“I forced myself to take methodical steps towards this goal, to spend money on tickets, places to stay and places to visit, that way I knew that there was no going back,” he adds. “Knowing that the money was spent meant that I had to plan everything, I no longer had a choice.”

In December 2018, Mpho went to Cape Town for seven days with his family and had an incredible experience. One that he describes as one of the best achievements in his life. He even completed another challenge while he was in the Mother City… “One of the guys in my team dared me to climb Lion’s Head and I thought I could do it, easy,” he concludes. “I regretted it within two minutes. It was so steep! But I was determined to do it and I did.

Dreams of the Doers helped me recognise that I can do things I had never done before and it has translated into other parts of my life.”

Think you can only manage to fulfil one or two dreams a year? Get ready to think again…

Every person who participates in the Dreams Programme achieves something remarkable. Netsurit Solutions Architect Pieter le Roux’s dream list would have made you feel tired just reading it, and yet he’s achieved every single one.

“I wanted to do an overseas trip with my family, to buy a new car, build up my savings, complete my paragliding license, do a family holiday in December 2018, do more rides with the Harley Davidson club and complete the flight simulator I was working on,” he says. In 2018, Pieter took his family to Zanzibar for an amazing holiday and he managed to squeeze in another family vacation over Christmas, taking everyone to Dikhololo Game Reserve for the festive break. He managed to pay off three of the four blocks of debt that he’d outlined as part of his dream goal and he bought a new car.

“One of my favourite dreams was to complete my paragliding license which I managed to do, and now I am focusing on taking that to the next level with a paragliding license in 2019. Finally, my personal favourite was to complete my full-scale flight simulator cockpit, and I managed to do that. “I have found that Dreams of the Doers has helped me to think out the box and really focus on my dreams. The meetings provide practical and emotional support and people often come up with ideas to help you solve problems you’re stuck on. We are all committed and all pull together and support one another.”

Spending more time appreciating family is a dream everyone should value.

The Dreams of the Doers programme at Netsurit has played a very powerful role in helping Eugene Perumal, Client Services Executive: Johannesburg, focus on his family.

For Eugene, the programme has allowed him to focus on his dreams, giving them prominence in his everyday life. This, for him, was one of the most valuable aspects of the Dreams of the Doers – it allowed him to work towards something consistently because he was given the time and space and impetus to do so.

“It also gave me the chance to work towards giving back to other people,” he says. “We have the Dream Connect programme that is a one-to-one session where you randomly choose someone from the business you don’t know very well and get to know them and their dreams. You get the opportunity to help them and to connect with them.”

Over the past few years, Eugene has made his family top priority in the Dreams of the Doers programme. He felt disconnected as he worked so hard and he wanted to find a way of achieving a better work- life balance and making more time for his family.

“I have managed to achieve this dream and to spend more time with my family, taking large steps towards really shifting old dynamics,” he concludes. “A lot of this is thanks to the support I have received from my Dream groups – there are people there who have experienced the same problems I have and who have life experiences to share, and we have discussions around my next steps and people even put me in contact with other people who can help me. It is a powerful commitment that helps you to hold yourself accountable and hashelped me to really focus on my dreams.”

Sometimes, being a leader is taking charge of your own life and leading by example.

Sydney Sebolai, Netsurit Team Leader: Enterprise Service Desk Manager, recognised the potential in the programme right from the start and used the ongoing support provided by his colleagues to build a list of dreams that were not only achievable, but critical for his longterm health and happiness.

For Sydney, the programme’s varied support structures and non-judgemental dream selection criteria have made all the difference. “When the CEO says that your dream is something he supports, that’s really amazing. It makes you see how the company can benefit just by looking after its own people.” He says.

Sydney has used the capabilities of the programme to commit to some very specific goals, and they have fundamentally changed his life. When he first started out, he was in a complex financial space and could have potentially lost his home and his car. With the help of the programme, he developed a mantra of ‘don’t get it if you don’t need it’ and will be clear of all debt by December 2019. He also lost weight. “I weighed in at 120kgs when I started the programme and my doctor told me it was seriously affecting my health. So, I changed my diet, went to gym and started playing soccer again.

I’ve lost 30kgs and I’m so proud of that. I can’t recommend the Dreams Programme enough.”