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Embracing Digital Innovation: Fundamental Software’s Journey to a Fully Remote Organisation with Netsurit’s Innovative Solutions


Since its inception in 2003, Fundamental Software has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the Investment Management software landscape of Southern Africa. Established in 2003, the company’s journey has been marked by innovation, growth, and a commitment to excellence. With a clientele that includes some of Africa’s most successful finance companies, such as Allan Gray, they have assets under management exceeding a staggering R1.5 trillion. As a SaaS solution provider for Portfolio Management in the Financial Services industry, their reputation is unparalleled.

The Challenge

The decision to transition to a fully remote organisation by March 2024 was a strategic one. However, it came with its set of challenges. The primary concern was the relocation of their core network, which was predominantly on-premise. The objective was not just to replicate the on-premises experience but to enhance it, all within a similar cost structure.

Given the unique challenges posed by load shedding, connectivity issues, and other disruptive events in South Africa, the need for a solution that ensured uninterrupted service was paramount. The solution had to be robust, secure, and provide unparalleled uptime.

The Search for a Solution

Fundamental Software considered various alternatives, including moving all services to a cloud provider or provisioning their own data centre in a small office space. However, these options either didn’t offer the security and uptime they required or weren’t cost-effective. The company needed a partner who understood their challenges and could offer a tailored solution.

Netsurit’s Proposition:

Netsurit emerged as the ideal partner for Fundamental Software. Their proposition of a fully managed migration to a secure colocation space was perfectly aligned with what Fundamental Software was seeking.

“The value proposition offered by Netsurit was precisely what we needed. Their approach to a fully managed migration, combined with their reputation for excellence, made them the obvious choice,” remarked Michael Ross, Head of IT from Fundamental Software.

Orrin Klopper, Netsurit’s CEO, reflecting on the partnership, stated, “At Netsurit, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ unique challenges and offering solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.”

The Implementation Process

The migration, though seemingly straightforward, required meticulous planning and execution. Netsurit’s Projects team took the lead, planning the entire project from start to finish. The process involved moving all physical hardware from Fundamental Software’s offices to the Open Access Datacentre. This move ensured seamless VPN tunnels to their current on-premises location and Asure.

One of the challenges faced during the migration was the presence of servers not managed by Netsurit. However, thanks to the detailed planning and collaboration between the two teams, these challenges were overcome without any significant issues.

Key Features of the Solution

  • Security and Uptime: Fundamental Software’s core network now benefits from enhanced security and uptime, thanks to Netsurit’s high standards.
  • Connectivity: The solution acts as a connectivity hub, offering a range of fibre providers and ISPs, ensuring short routes to hyperscale cloud providers.
  • Redundancy: With network and power redundancy for all devices, the solution guarantees uninterrupted service.

The Benefits

Post-transition, Fundamental Software can now operate as a fully remote organisation, with its core network housed in a secure and resilient facility. The removal of the facilities management aspect means the company can focus on its core functions, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the reduced latency on the core network has further enhanced their operational efficiency.

The Future and Beyond

Looking ahead, Fundamental Software envisions a deepening partnership with Netsurit. They aim to tap into Netsurit’s vast pool of talent and skills for high-value IT projects in the coming 24 months. Reflecting on the collaboration, Michael concluded, “Working with Netsurit has been a revelation. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to our success have been exemplary. We look forward to achieving new milestones together.”

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