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Microsoft SharePoint cloud solution brings increased collaboration for SA National Construction Company

Six years ago, in September 2011, GVK Siya Zama entered into a partnership with Netsurit to manage their IT environment. Netsurit is a leading global MSP (Managed Services Provider) and Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP).

Netsurit take on the role of a virtual IT manager for their clients and in this advisory role, they built a roadmap for GVK Siya Zama considering the company’s current position at the time, the resource available, and what they envisioned ad their ideal IT environment to enable business efficiencies and growth. Today, GVK employs 400 people throughout South Africa and generate annual revenue of mare that R2 billion.

The challenge

As the company grew so did their need for productive, effective and scalable information Technology systems, especially geared to meet the needs of a workforce geographically spread out over dozens of construction sites. Each project generates an immense quantity of documentation that needs to be stored through numerous versions controls and accessed by multiple departments, often simultaneously.

The solution

In response to these requirements, Netsurit recommended the Microsoft Office 365 to GVK in 2016 as the ideal solution offering an array of Cloud-based products. One of the products was Microsoft SharePoint Online, which was introduced to solve the problem of data silos that lacked structure. SharePoint also offered ability to securely and effectively search for and share data.

SharePoint empowers individuals, teams ad organisations to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate content from anywhere and on any device.

The SharePoint implementation GVK Siya Zama was a joint venture between Netsurit and ITXedge, a Cape Tow based company focusing on digital transformation through IT consulting, adoption and training. ITXedge created and designed a collaborative intranet specifically suited to the company’s requirements.

The results

The custom SharePoints solution for GVK provides their users with a platform where they can access shared documents, events, tasks, notes and team conversations productively, in secure environment. Importantly, SharePoint also protects GVK’s critical business information from ransomware attacks, provides versioning for every file and integrates into various other business systems such as Microsoft SQL, PowerApps, Power BI and Flow.

Management and employees have welcomed the rollout of the platform and are enjoying the synergy, enhanced communication, and collaboration afforded by the platform. Adoption of the new solutions is being driven by senior management with group CEO Eben Meyburgh signing up for SharePoint Orientation to streamline information integration across the business.

Signed by Amelia Keefer
Group Brand Communications Executive

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