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Netsurit announces appointment of Sharon-Lee Bloem to exco team

Sharon-Lee Bloem, Professional Services Manager at Inobits, has been appointed to Netsurit’s exco team.

“I am honoured to have been included in the exco team,” Bloem says. “The existing team members have an excellent track record, and the business has been in exceptional hands. My goal will be to add to the pool of experience. As a woman and a millennial with a technical background, I feel that I can add diverse perspectives on issues and opportunities in the business.”

Bloem began her career as an IT technician. Building and repairing computers and fixing software issues all while maintaining her certifications and upskilling her abilities, she progressed through the ranks and steadily built a reputation for being the most certified person in the room. “I was lucky to always have great mentors to guide me through rough waters. That, along with my determination and perseverance, have afforded me a fantastic opportunity to help shape the future of our business.”

A Microsoft specialist, Bloem believes that cloud solutions are the future for digital transformation. “Covid-19 has been a forced dress rehearsal for all businesses. Digital transformation was a hype word 12 months ago, but we have suddenly seen the critical need for everyone to re-evaluate how they transact with their customers.”

She says Netsurit is positioned as leader in the market to assist and guide customers through tough transitional times to realise the opportunity that has been forced on every one of us. “Our Microsoft business is key to enabling this value for our customers and we will continue to invest heavily to ensure that we are at the forefront of new capabilities and that we work with Microsoft to jointly develop solutions for our customer needs.”

Opportunities for business growth

Netsurit is a leader in several technical fields across the managed services, datacentre, and cloud verticals. Bloem believes that the company can continue growing its repertoire and building on the impressive references it has achieved in the market. “I also believe that our expansion into new regional markets like the United States is a great opportunity to drive value to a completely new set of customers. These two areas will be important success factors for our business.”

The diverse and inclusive nature of Netsurit is the one standout feature of the business for Bloem.  “The fact that opportunities are afforded to anyone without discrimination or prejudice is inspiring. The culture that the leaders have built over the years is unrivalled by our competitors as far as I am concerned and that is a key differentiator when we attract and retain talent.”

Bloem says she aims to continue her personal growth. “I’ve transitioned through a number of technical and managerial roles over the last decade, but I have a lot to learn. My inclusion in the exco team marks the start of a new journey where I want to absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can.”

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