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Netsurit – Improve remote working

Campaign: Netsurit Partner Content – November 2020

Headline: Improve remote working productivity with Netsurit Managed Windows Virtual Desktop

Excerpt: Netsurit Managed Windows Virtual Desktop is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to optimise operational productivity and security while their employees work remotely.

The unstoppable surge in remote working calls for businesses to acquire software solutions that allow for secure and effective access to office-bound workstations from any location or device.

This is because employees need to use systems or tools installed on these workstations, or access files stored on them, to remain productive.

With conventional server-based virtualisations limited and not supporting the capabilities of a true modern workstation, businesses need a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution.

How WVD works

WVD is hosted and managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which provides high performance while reducing on-premise assets.

This allows your employees to access any Windows 10 app or files located on a central workstation remotely from any authorised device via the WVD app or web portal.

Unlike Windows Server solutions, it runs directly on the OS, which ensures faster and more reliable performance.

Netsurit Managed WVD

Netsurit’s Managed WVD is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service that allows you to manage WVD users and security via a unified administrative interface

in the Azure Portal.

Netsurit’s service arm – Inobits – handles the overarching service, which means there is a reduced burden on your IT teams’ workloads.

Network administrators do not have to worry about any complexity that comes with managing brokers, gateways, and web servers, for example.

This solution is the only virtual desktop channel that offers the following features:

  • Simplified management
  • Multi-session Windows 10
  • Optimisations for Microsoft Office
  • Support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments

Who stands to benefit

This solution is ideal for businesses that use Remote Desktop Services, but want to simplify licencing and reduce costs.

Likewise, it can also be great for seasonal workforces who need access to a secure, modern, up-to-date Windows 10 experience in the cloud.

Key benefits of Netsurit’s Managed WVD include:

  • Secure and reliable – Includes Office 365 and support for custom applications, with easy access from any place and device at infinite scalability.
  • Cost-effective – No upfront investment needed, with a simple monthly subscription that includes Azure, Microsoft 365, and support costs.
  • High performance – Reliable and highly available hosting on Azure, with a full set of security features and dedicated monitoring with remote support.

Get Netsurit Managed WVD today

Netsurit will work with you to assist in transitioning your workforce from a server-based desktop to a seamless multi-user Windows 10 experience that’s highly scalable and always up to date.

Its unified WVD service can be deployed and scaled in minutes and supports multiple end-user platforms – including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and HTML 5.

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