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Netsurit offers Office 365 training to Nal’ibali to increase skill development and knowledge


Nal’ibali (isiXhosa for “here’s the story”) is a national reading-for-enjoyment campaign to spark children’s potential through storytelling and reading. This non-for-profit organisation makes it possible for children, reading clubs, schools and libraries to collect free reading material and aims to build reading habits in homes and communities so that children are ready and eager to learn at school.

Since its inception in 2019, Nal’ibali has reached 2,279 reading clubs and more than 216,000 children across the country.

The solution

Netsurit offered training for Nal’ibali’s staff on Microsoft’s Office 365 and helped to set up user profiles for key users across the organization. Not only did this project help Nal’ibali to save cost and time, but it was an important aspect for staff empowerment and enhancing skill development within the organisation.

A specific focus was on Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint for end-users, and the Netsurit training team focused on the features, functionalities, management, and usage of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint from the end user’s perspective.

For Nal’ibali, the use of Microsoft SharePoint is now primarily a document management and storage platform that is integrated with the complete Microsoft Office suite. It allows for easy file sharing and collaboration amongst Nal’ibali’s team members.

The training that was offered covered the entire landscape that is visible to the end-user of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint – starting from the login screen, navigation to creating lists, assigning permissions, and more.

The training course was presented in such a way that it helped Nal’ibali staff to understand the usage of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, and how they can benefit from its features such as file sharing, groups, lists, libraries, and applications. The training was designed and presented keeping in mind that the end-users might not be IT literate. Overall, the training is concisely timed to give an overview of the usage of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint to its end users and enables users to feel confident while using the software and make full use of its offerings and features.timed to give an overview of the usage of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint to its end users and enables users to feel confident while using the software and make full use of its offerings and features.

Results & Benefits

Using the facilities available with SharePoint and other Office 365 apps, it is now possible for Nal’ibali staff to create live and interactive business intelligence portals that can collect critical information from various sources.

For example, the team can now use interactive Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets that can be accessed from a web browser using Excel Services, running on SharePoint. This gives them instant access to data on various projects that are running across the country and helps to improve decision-making.

Laylah Hoofd, Support Services Manager at Nal’ibali commented, “The service we have received from Netsurit has been very professional and helpful. We have a very hands-on Account Executive which is key to relationship development.”


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