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Netsurit partners with Remente to improve wellbeing and performance

Feature-rich self-development app enables self-care and drives progress toward life goals

The coronavirus pandemic has touched every part of our society. In the world of work, stress and anxiety have been exacerbated, employees have been displaced and are working from home, and for many the future remains uncertain. The social distancing measures imposed by governments around the world mean that people are now more isolated than ever before.

In this context, employers need to recognise the risks that work-related stress can pose. That is why Netsurit has committed to taking even greater care of the health, safety, and wellbeing of its employees. The company has partnered with Swedish business Remente to roll out an app that helps people ensure that they give themselves some self-care and love, while also keeping track of their most important objectives.

“Whether you need to track your progress on a particular life goal, or you want to learn how to improve yourself in some other way, the Remente app lets you do just that,” says Carina Davis, Dream Manager at Netsurit. “At the heart of Netsurit’s DNA is its cause – supporting the dreams of the doers. With Remente, we have put in place a support mechanism that will help employees carry out small actions every day to create long-term life changing behaviours and safeguard their mental health.”

Davis says Remente is a vital addition to Netsurit’s renowned ‘dreams of the doers’ way of thinking, which is that happy and fulfilled employees are committed to the business and will go the extra mile to help customers meet their broader business goals.

The Dreams Program is the core pillar in Netsurit’s business, with staff being coached to motivate one another. “With the Remente App,” she adds, “we will be able to take this one step further and truly evolve the way our staff view their dreams, allowing them to set deadlines for tasks. It’s about making our dreams become a reality, one step at a time.”

“It’s important right now to create a culture where your people can live their best lives,” Davis says. “By helping our employees stay positive, and work towards their goals, Remente will enable us to remain motivated and connected, even though we are apart.”

Combining neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and brain training, Remente helps app users to keep track of their mood to figure out which behaviours make them feel good so that they can quickly develop a deeper understanding what to do, and to avoid, to be happy.

It also offers a collection of courses that cover everything from mental wellbeing to productivity, relationships, and motivation. Users can create step-by-step goal plans and incorporate them into their daily schedule to create life changing habits and behaviour.

The self-monitoring and goal setting app lets users track progress in social, romantic, physical, professional, personal, familial, recreational, and financial aspects of life. Users rank each of these areas from 1 (not satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied). They can create their own goals or use a goal curated by Remente (e.g., walk 10,000 steps a day, read a book in seven days). Selected goals and steps for the goal are added to the user’s to do list on the ‘Plan your day’ page.

“Our staff now have the ability to constantly evaluate where they are on their path to improvement and use predefined resources for education and additional motivation,” says Davis. “The app has been acknowledged worldwide as one of the best digital life coaches.”

Dare your employees to dream

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