Today, everything is possible – virtually.

The world has changed irrevocably, and so has the way we do business. Even before Covid-19, employees were no longer sitting in an office from 9 – 5, using only one device or always working from secure locations. As a result, many companies were starting to adopt virtualisation for their workforce. However, they discovered that server-based virtualisation had its limitations and could not support a true modern desktop. Today, the need for a managed virtual desktop is more important than ever.

Managed Windows Virtual Desktop powered by Microsoft solves remote user connectivity, compatibility, security and application management challenges by moving the user workspace to a secure Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure.

Administrators no longer need to worry about brokers, gateways, and web servers; all this complexity is replaced by one overarching service managed by Inobits, the service arm of Netsurit.

Netsurit’s Managed Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service running on Microsoft Azure. It is the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimizations for Office, and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. With WVD, your employees can access any remote app on any device, while you can maintain central management and security of your users’ desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop puts you in control by:

Providing seamless multi-user Windows 10
experience that’s highly scalable & always up to date.
Deploying and scaling in minutes. WVD allows you to manage users and security via a unified administrative interface in the Azure Portal
Supporting any end-user device platform including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and HTML 5.

It’s time to adopt a Managed Windows Virtual Desktop when:

You are using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and want to simplify licensing and reduce costs.

You are a medical biller or transcriptionist who wants your electronic health record (EHR) app in a secure cloud environment, with all sensitive patient data remaining in the cloud at all times

You have a seasonal workforce who needs access to a secure, modern, up to date Windows 10 experience in the cloud.
You are a warehouse worker who wants to access desktop shipping and inventory apps from your iOS or Android devices.
You are medical staff who want to access electronic health apps from low cost handheld devices while mobile or away from your central workstation.
You are a business owner or accountant who wants to access accounting software from home or mobile device while it remains secure in a central location.

Scenarios For Windows Virtual Desktop

Run apps and access corporate resources from a locked down desktop with strong security

← Secure Desktop

Remote Workers →

Secure access. Apps access internal resources at LAN speeds. Access a pre provisioned workspace from any device.

Improved app performance; use Internet instead of private WAN; easier to deploy apps & infrastructure

← Branch Offices

Windows 7 Compatibility →

For apps that require Windows 7, run them on WVD, access them from Windows 10.

Replace expensive on- prem RDS/VDI with a cloud service that scales infinitely, requires no upfront investment or hardware.

← Remote Desktop Services/VDI Replacement

Application Delivery →

Deploy from WVD as RemoteApps; one point configure and update; infinite scalability.

Why Managed Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • All the functionality and security in Microsoft 365 without the admin effort
  • Reliable, scalable and secure workspace accessible from anywhere
  • Solve application delivery and compatibility issues
  • Great solution for task workers, remote workers and branches

Secure and reliable

An easier way to get the apps to the users who need them

  • Office 365 included
  • Custom applications can be deployed in one place
  • Easily accessible from any place, on any device
  • Infinite scalability


Simplify and reduce your end-user computing spend

  • No upfront investment required
  • A simple, predictable monthly subscription
  • Includes Azure and Microsoft365 subscription costs
  • Includes support costs

A great place to work

Your users work securely, from wherever they are

  • Reliable and highly available hosting on Azure
  • Full set of security features enabled
  • Dedicated monitoring and remote support

What do you get with the Netsurit Managed WVD Offering?

Next Steps

Requirements Definition

  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
  • WVD Assessment
  • WVD Planning & Design
  • WVD Proof of Concept

Ongoing Support

  • Remote support & monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • Device & app configuration

WVD Deployment

  • Deploy
  • Optimize
  • Operations Readiness
  • User Adoption/ Change Management

Operational Support

Case studies

Company 1:

Research Organization

150 users, needed to replace an aging on-premises Remote Desktop Services (RDS) infrastructure to cope with increased work from home requirements during the COVID-19 lockdown. WVD offered much better performance, scalability and full Windows 10 end-user experience.

Company 2:

Logistics Management company

X-users, Needed to enable secure and reliable access to an on-premises ERP application as part of their Azure Migration. WVD improved performance and reliability for the end-users. The scalability and elasticity of WVD allowed them to cope with cyclical changes in workload in a cost-effective manner.

Company 3:

E-commerce company

200 geographically dispersed users, needed a way to access ERP applications after an Azure migration. The built-in scalability and automation of WVD allowed them to cost-effectively provide a 24×7 service that could cope with big changes in the numbers of connected users.

Company 4:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods company

1200 geographically dispersed users, needed to replace an on-premises Remote Desktop Services (RDS) infrastructure that was difficult and expensive to maintain. Deployed a central WVD infrastructure based on Windows Server hosts, allowing them to manage and secure all remote desktop sessions in one place with a minimum of effort, thus reducing costs and improving security.

Company 5:

Major Retail Bank

required a facility for remote users to securely access applications from the internet. The solution improved end-user performance and experience while reducing administrative effort and enhancing security. The inherent scalability of WVD allows it to cope with changes in user numbers without requiring additional hardware investment e.g. to cope with the massive increase in external users during COVID-19.


Working alongside you, we assist in transitioning your people from a server-based desktop to a seamless multi- user Windows 10 experience that’s highly scalable & always up to date.

A unified service that can be deployed and scaled in minutes and supports any end-user platform including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and HTML 5. One that allows you to manage users and security via a unified administrative interface in the Azure Portal.

The Netsurit difference

At Netsurit, the mantra we live by is “One together.” It is imbued into our company values and guides the way we think, act and treat our customers. We see IT as the enabler virtually every business person relies on each day as they work towards achieving their goals and aspirations. And because data, sensitive information and intellectual property is so important to the success of our customers, we take its safety and protection very seriously indeed. We passionately support the idea that we are providers of an ecosystem that helps our partners, our customers and our own teams to safely realize and actualize their full potential. At the end of the day, we believe the dreamers with the tools to do things will change the world for good.

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