Alert: Beware of Scams! We've been informed of fraudulent schemes using Netsurit's name. As a rapidly growing brand, we recognize the threat of cybercriminals exploiting our reputation.Cybercrime is on the rise, and we are committed to protecting our community.

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Cybercrime overall is on a massive increase, with Ransomware alone having increased in 2020 by 485%! In a survey out of 2000 citizens, 1 out of 5 has been a victim of ransomware. To add onto this, COVID-19 forced a global shift for business services to move to the cloud to provide customers and their staff secure, easier accessible environment. Gone are the days when customers used to spend large amounts of Capex with their IT providers thinking that will be enough, the need is now to provide adaptive security that will continuously morph and adapt to protect against the latest and ever evolving types of attacks!

Our security offerings help even the most forward-thinking and well-prepared executive and IT teams to identify potentially unforeseen risks and provide a plan for rapid mitigation regardless of whether work is being conducted onsite or remotely.

Cloud Cybersecurity

With cloud computing services, you can expand the efficiency of your IT investment while typically cutting costs at the same time—but only if you do it right. Vendors like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all have offerings for you to ‘easily’ enter the world of the cloud, but you need someone who has deep expertise in the technology and understands your business to help you make it work for you.

Netsurit is a leading Microsoft 365 partner and our professional services team can help you design a customised cloud computing services solution platform for your organisation.

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