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Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd selects Netsurit to upgrade and support its fleet of computers nationwide

Deployment was smooth and took just two weeks to complete with Windows Autopilot

There are times when technology refreshes are necessary. The fact is that all computers eventually become obsolete and need to be replaced. This is especially important when employees complain about losing valuable time waiting for their devices to start up, open applications, or reboot. These are all signs that the end is near.

Financial planning company Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd recently had to refresh its fleet of laptops as they were outdated and out of warranty. They were no longer working efficiently, multiple units would break down at the same time, and it was both costly and time-consuming to have them repaired.

In addition, the new world of work has led to highly demanding requirements for performance, audio and video collaboration features, graphics capabilities, and battery life – none of which the aging fleet was able to live up to.

Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd set out to identify and work with a supplier that could not only act as a “one-stop-shop” for all its IT hardware needs but also required a strategic partner that is able to provide value-add services, enable cost savings, and create greater efficiencies in the supply and deployment of IT equipment. Managed services provider Netsurit was chosen as that partner.

The challenge was that devices at 11 branches across the country had to be replaced quickly, with as little downtime as possible for users. Netsurit proposed a Windows Autopilot deployment strategy that would enable the company’s financial planners to unbox their machines from the factory. 

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. This enabled the users to turn on their machines, enter their username and password, and watch as their new laptop auto deployed the necessary software requirements in the background. Because no intervention was needed from technology consultants, there was little to no downtime for the end users.

“Netsurit exceeded Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd.’s expectations by delivering a cost-efficient and highly successful supply and installation model with the absolute minimum disruption to the day-to-day operations of the business,” says Michelle Jackson at Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd. “A total of 51 laptops were shipped directly to the various sites across our 11 branches. Deployment was smooth and took just two weeks to complete with Windows Autopilot.” Netsurit assigned a designated contact person to Private Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd, ensuring that any questions or challenges were addressed immediately. The contact person was full-time during the duration of the project.

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