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SA’s Netsurit, US firm Marathon merge

South African technology services company Netsurit and US firm Marathon Consulting, both ranked among the world’s top 300 IT managed services providers (MSPs), have concluded a merger in terms of which Marathon Consulting will become part of Netsurit. The deal creates an international MSP, headquartered in Johannesburg with offices in Durban, Cape Town, Ho Chi Minh City, Denver, and New York City.

The merger strengthens Netsurit’s unique “IT without Fuss” consultative approach. Businesses and CIOs that partner with Netsurit get the information technology expertise a top MSP can offer and can redirect attention and resources formally devoted to IT toward improving business results that drive strategy and innovation. This deal gives Netsurit an established entry into the North American market, while the Marathon team will gain additional resources for its existing clients.

“From our first engagement with Scott Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Marathon, through the discovery process with the Marathon team, it was very clear that our cultures were aligned. Marathon is a like-minded company that also puts its people first, customers second, and profits third,” says Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit.
Klopper and Wilson are members of the global network Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), which is where they first met. “Netsurit’s initial plan was to continue to grow organically,” says Klopper. “However, when the opportunity arose to work together, it made perfect sense.

“Marathon’s commitment to its people, the presence of a great leadership team, and the overall customer experience the company provides its clients are tightly aligned with Netsurit. The cause that is central to everything we do is “supporting the dreams of the doers.” This belief guides us, and we live it daily as we support our team members to achieve their personal goals and dreams through a formalised Dreams Program. Our cause also underlies all the work we do to support our clients in achieving their business goals and objectives through our technology partnership,” says Klopper.
“From our perspective, the merger was an excellent value proposition for Marathon,” says Wilson. “Not only does Netsurit have strengths where we do not, and vice versa, but both companies take pride in their people-focused culture, which has been key to our combined success. That is an essential element of this deal, and we plan to keep that culture intact as a top long-term priority. It is the common foundation we will use to create a great new company.”

While Marathon Consulting will become Netsurit in the US when the merger is complete, it will retain its senior leadership and staff to ensure continuity and continued success in the US market. Wilson will become the managing director of the North American market for Netsurit’s US division. Brian Cooper, Netsurit’s current COO, will assume the role of managing director of South African operations. “I couldn’t be prouder to see the company we started straight out of university growing into an international enterprise,” says Cooper. “My focus will be maintaining Netsurit’s position as one of the leading IT services companies in South Africa while we bring our cause of ‘supporting the dreams of the doers’ to the US market.”

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