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What are the components of IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is an internal system of operation for businesses. It consists of several components that are used to provide quality IT services and solutions to clients. Here are the components of IT infrastructure:


Hardware is one of the most important components of IT infrastructure. A company without hardware cannot deliver IT services. There are many forms of hardware required to create a quality IT infrastructure. These forms of hardware include monitors, servers, switches, hubs, routers and more.


Hardware will not be able to fulfil its function in the IT infrastructure without the help of software. Software is what links the systems together. Some software can be bought, though some may need to be developed within the company to be able to complete certain IT services.


There is no use trying to run an IT business if you do not have internet connection. Network features such as firewalls, security and more are all parts of the network component. They are all a per-requisite of the IT infrastructure in order to provide clients with quality IT services.

Data management

Data management refers to the storage of data. This data includes the business’ personal data as well as client data. Data management includes the use of local hardware, physical storage units and other network storage options such as storage area networks (SAN’s). These network-based data management options are optimal for IT as they allow for high speed access and several storage devices can be connected.

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