Alert: Beware of Scams! We've been informed of fraudulent schemes using Netsurit's name. As a rapidly growing brand, we recognize the threat of cybercriminals exploiting our reputation.Cybercrime is on the rise, and we are committed to protecting our community.

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Azure offers the broadest compliance coverage of any cloud provider, with a dedicated program for financial services compliance. Independent financial services business Adviceworx, provides professional management of financial adviser networks and practices, guiding clients and helping them to achieve lasting financial well-being.
Gamefinity and Filmfinity, formerly known as Ster-Kinekor Entertainment while still in the Primedia Group, were founded in mid-2018. Their core business is as the distributors and in-country partners for brands like Sony PlayStation, Sony Films, Disney, Warner Bros and more, bringing the world’s leading gaming entertainment content, products, film content and accessories to customers in South Africa.
If you are like me or most of us, we love our work, love technology, love software but just don’t really understand how it all works; or let’s say works best for our needs and businesses. I personally am an idiot as it relates to setting up a computer, putting software on my computer and knowing how to secure and maximize results from what I have available to me.
The importance of cloud security was the main topic of discussion at a recent Microsoft Security Partner Event held in Israel. The event was attended by Netsurit, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, one of only a few in South Africa that specialises in cloud security solutions on the Microsoft platform.
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Africa Tikkun, a centre that provides a safehaven for underprivileged children to learn, develop and grow into tomorrow’s useful citizens, is one of Netsurit’s primary CSR beneficiaries.
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The OSF-SA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting the values, institutions and practises of a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic civil society. Since 2016, Netsurit has been our strategic IT partner.