Alert: Beware of Scams! We've been informed of fraudulent schemes using Netsurit's name. As a rapidly growing brand, we recognize the threat of cybercriminals exploiting our reputation.Cybercrime is on the rise, and we are committed to protecting our community.

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Lockout Potential Threats With Advanced Cybersecurity in Pretoria

Protect business and customer data with industry-leading cybersecurity software and services.

Why work with Netsurit for cyber security services in Pretoria?

  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, networks and cloud services.
  • Protect your business with advanced backup and recovery solutions that can restore data and applications.
  • Benefit from a proven security framework developed over 23 years.
  • Mitigate end-user security breaches with two-factor authentication and anti-phishing training.
  • Stay within budget with customised security solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Protect your business from malware and ransomware. Work with one of the leading  Pretoria IT security companies for cutting-edge cybersecurity.

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Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of cybersecurity. As one of the leading Pretoria cybersecurity companies, we invest time and resources into understanding and countering emerging threats.


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Cyber Security Services in Pretoria

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Premium Features of Cyber Security in Pretoria

Advanced Information Security
Cybercriminals are becoming more efficient and dangerous, which means you need protection from cyber security companies in Pretoria that can keep up. Safeguard your systems with the latest technologies and intelligent strategies.
Cloud Protection
The cloud is a powerful tool for any company, but only when well protected from outside attack with cyber security in Pretoria. We will constantly analyse your Office 365 and Azure environment to ensure your services are protected, whether at home or in the office.
Secure Connection
Your data doesn’t remain stationary, so why settle for support from other cyber security firms in Pretoria that neglects security for your connectivity solutions? We’ll ensure your connections remain secure across all users, locations, and devices.
Email Security

Email is a prime point of attack on IT systems. Boost security with:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Anti-phishing user training
  • Advanced spam filtering
Security Incident Investigation and Remediation

Unlike other cyber security firms in Pretoria, we know that keeping your systems secure means staying abreast with emerging threats.

Netsurit Security and Operations Centre identifies and fixes vulnerabilities, keeping your data secure.

Web and Content Filtering
We utilise advanced web and content filtering to ensure your employees are only accessing appropriate content that won’t affect the health of your network. We are one of the only cyber security companies in Pretoria that protects your IT from dangerous content and offers insight into productivity.
Data Integrity and Theft Protection

With 24/7 monitoring and advanced cyber solutions, we’ll ensure threats are locked out of your network.

Through advanced penetration testing, our IT support team will assess your network for gaps that hackers can exploit.

Disaster Recovery

Work with one of the most experienced Pretoria cybersecurity companies to protect your business from data loss.

Our advanced backup and disaster recovery services ensure your data and systems can be restored quickly.

Comprehensive Protection for Your IT Environment

Unlike other cybersecurity companies in Pretoria, we provide all round protection for all types of businesses and IT setups.

Take advantage of a full suite of cybersecurity services, including:

  • Quick and reliable incident response
  • Secured mobile devices
  • Data integrity and theft protection
  • Desktop & server support
  • Work from home support
  • 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts
  • IT Consulting
  • Ransomware/malware protection
  • Network support services 
  • Email protection, encryption, and filtering
  • IT Help desk

Partner with Netsurit and get the peace of mind that we’ll find potential threats before they can impact business.

Dependable Support 24/7 From a Top Pretoria Cyber Security Company

Netsurit offers advanced monitoring and real-time alerts 24/7/365. When a threat is detected, our support team will work quickly to contain the breach before it has time to impact your business.

Keep your IT secure with the help of a managed IT expert team at one of the leading Pretoria cyber security firms.

Pretoria Cyber Security That Protects the Dreams of the Doers

Find out how our specialists will use cybersecurity best practices to keep your network secure.
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Quality Service at No Risk to You

We guarantee a quick ticket response time, problem resolution, and service uptime. If you don’t feel we’ve met your needs for whatever reason, give us 24 hours notice of cancelling, and we’ll give you 30 days on us.

Within the first four months of service, if you’re not 100% confident you’re receiving quality support with the best ROI, walk away risk-free.

Other cybersecurity companies in Pretoria don’t dare to put their money where their mouth is, but we do.

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Trust one of the leading Pretoria IT security companies to keep your data safe and network secure. With 23+ years in the business, Netsurit is one of the most experienced  Pretoria cyber security firms. Discuss your IT outsourcing requirements today.