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A Comprehensive Managed IT Services Provider Checklist

How to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider Checklist

A staggering 60% of small businesses close within six months of a cyber attack, according to the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance.

“In an era where data is the new oil, choosing the right Managed IT Services Provider is akin to finding the right drilling equipment; both are critical for extracting value,” ~Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit

In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive managed IT services checklist, along with qualifying questions and key considerations, to help you make an informed decision on choosing the right provider for your business needs.

Section 1: Understanding Your Business Needs

Before diving into the managed IT services questionnaire, it’s crucial to understand your own business needs. Are you looking for enhanced security, better scalability, or perhaps both? According to Gartner, 75% of organizations that align their IT services with business goals experience a 20% increase in operational efficiency.

Actionable Tip:

List down your immediate and future IT requirements. This will serve as a foundation for the managed services questions to ask potential providers.

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Section 2: Managed IT Services Questionnaire: What to Look For

When you’re evaluating potential providers, it’s essential to have a set of managed services qualifying questions at your disposal. 

Consider their technical expertise, scalability options, and customer service ratings. According to Forrester, 53% of businesses consider customer service as a key differentiator when choosing a service provider.

Actionable Tip:

Create a questionnaire that includes questions about the provider’s experience, range of services, and customer testimonials.

Section 3: How to Choose a Managed IT Provider: Key Factors

Choosing a provider isn’t just about ticking boxes on a managed IT services checklist. You need to delve deeper. How experienced is the provider in your industry? What range of services do they offer? 

A report from Deloitte reveals that 40% of businesses that chose a provider with industry-specific experience saw an increase in their ROI.

Actionable Tip:

Look for providers that have a proven track record in your industry and offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs.

A Managed IT Services Provider Checklist:

CriteriaQuestions to AskYour NotesRating (1-5)
Technical ExpertiseWhat certifications do your technicians hold?
Industry ExperienceDo you have experience in my industry?
Range of ServicesWhat services do you offer?
ScalabilityCan your services scale with my business growth?
Customer ServiceWhat is your average response time?
Data BackupHow often do you backup data?
CybersecurityWhat cybersecurity measures do you have in place?
Disaster RecoveryDo you have a disaster recovery plan?
ComplianceHow do you ensure regulatory compliance?
PricingAre there any hidden fees?
Contract TermsWhat are the contract lengths and exit clauses?
Customer ReviewsCan you provide customer testimonials or case studies?
Trial PeriodDo you offer a trial period for your services?
Ongoing AssessmentHow often do you review and update services?

Section 4: Managed IT Services Checklist: Must-Have Features

Your managed IT services checklist should include essential features like 24/7 support, data backup, and cybersecurity measures. 

Actionable Tip:

Prioritize features based on your business needs and ensure that the provider you choose offers them.

Section 5: Managed Services Questions to Ask During Interviews

During the selection process, there are several managed services questions to ask potential providers. These should cover aspects like their approach to data security, communication protocols, and long-term partnership plans.

Actionable Tip:

Prepare a list of questions that delve into the provider’s operational methodologies, security protocols, and customer engagement strategies.

Section 6: Red Flags to Watch Out For

Be cautious of hidden fees, poor customer reviews, and lack of certifications. According to a survey by Spiceworks, 30% of businesses have switched providers due to hidden costs.

Actionable Tip:

Always read customer reviews and ask for references. Make sure to inquire about any additional costs upfront.

Section 7: Making the Final Decision

After going through your managed IT services checklist and asking all the managed services qualifying questions, it’s time to make a decision. Consider a trial period and ongoing assessments as part of your decision-making process.

Actionable Tip:

Opt for a provider that offers a trial period and has a robust system for ongoing assessments.

Managed IT Services Provider Checklist

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